Property of Mistress JoJo

Last night was an interesting one indeed!

I tossed and turned till about 5:30 AM or so (after getting to bed around 2 – don’t ask!) – – and I just couldn’t sleep for whatever reason.

It wasn’t because I didn’t workout or had a otherwise physically “slow” day – or mentally, for that matter.

It was because … every two minutes, my hands were automatically drawn to my nipples, and my mind to femdom … all the more so after I saw a pair of feet – or soles, I should say – and those belonged to the Vietnamese Goddess I haven’t yet met – but plan on doing so very soon!

And I’m sure the plan will work out. We’ll see, but for now, more than her, one name for whatever reason kept popping up in mind – along with those EYES – those lovely DIRECT eyes, with that look in them.

Those eyes with that look in them that PIERCE through to the bottom of you, the submissive male, almost instantly … those eyes, that as with Princess Joanie a few years back, more than anything else, caused me to add her on WeChat a while back (and then I forgot about it – but Madam added me back – and how!).

And the exact same thing happened with Princess Joanie, of course, easily and by far the most DOMINANT lady I’ve had the privilege of being with (and chronicling, of course!).

So as I sit here in my sleep deprived state with a glass of tea (sometimes Madam doesn’t prefer coffee, so…!) here are my thoughts (and this is precisely what went through my mind every two seconds last night).

First, the email I sent out about is femdom an ADDICTION? If you haven’t read that, now might be a good time to do so …

And second, a few words kept popping up in mind. Those being (initially) owned by Madam Jojo, but somehow, and for whatever reason, “Property of Mistress Jojo” sounds more apt!

Especially when it’s written on my back in large black letters!

I still remember our conversations. I haven’t spoken to her in a while after our last “argument” (not major), but here is the gist of it

“I am kind of a work animal! So I expect my boyfriend to be free for me when I’m free!”

“Madam, of course! You’re the boss, and … actually, it feels more like I’m your girlfriend, and you’re my man!”

Giggle, giggle, giggle.

And it’s true, of course. Madam goes for regular back massages as is her wont, RIGHT and privilege and the best part is begging to rub her feet as the girl rubs her back, both of them laughing at me, and Madam SUPREMELY confident in the knowledge that SHE matters – and that is that!

Have you read the part about “I’m a lazy girl”?

Or, “Madam, can I rub your feet while she rubs your back?”

Those emails will probably provide more insight into the story, and they’re posted on the blog for posterity as well, so if you didn’t read them then, do so NOW!

And the crux of all this – last night – here is what I want to DESPERATELY tell her, and likely will once I meet her in Shanghai (and hopefully kiss her feet in public like I did with Princess Joanie, and if you’ve been to China, you’ll notice that this sort of thing isn’t as uncommon as it might seem!).

“Madam, you can plug my ass!” (Taken from the imperious and gorgeous Madam Pearl, but the sum and substance remains the same!).

And of course, lock me up, Madam. With the key tied to those lovely ankles of yours maybe in the form of an anklet … so you OWN me, “lock”, stock and barrel – pun well and truly intended!

And my nipples, of course …Madam, please pinch, torture, or otherwise “peg” my nipples …

And for those useless balls of mine, maybe a whack or two, as Princess Joanie did so often … ! Just to remind me of my PLACE in our relationship …

“Madam, your boyfriend exists to serve you. A man’s place is always under a woman’s foot, and in our case, I should recognize that YOU are the boss, the superior lady, and the one that wears the PANTS in the relationship”.

And most of all, along wth all this, I wanted to kneel in front of her as she pinched my nipples hard, or perhaps flicked them, or perhaps gave me a ruined orgasm and then ordered me to rub her feet as she snored like a Queen … and many other things!

Or perhaps watch as Madam sucks – and fucks – and sneeringly so – a REAL MAN – a REAL STUD – while her sissy watches on, leaking furiously … and maybe gets the privilege of being raped later too, hehe. Now that would be an experience … servicing Madam orally, while her stud violated me as is his RIGHT!

That massive cock tearing into my innards … That incessant leaking, those RECURRING P spot orgasms … why would a submissive male EVER want a real orgasm…?!

Madam Jojo, you truly ARE the best!

And come the day when I can have the honor of you writing “Property of Mistress Jojo” on my back – I’ll be glad to “spread the word” about and show the entire world!

And that was what happened last night, and since it’s been buzzing around in my head since the morning, no better time than NOW to bring it to you. Hehe.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – You can read all about Princess Joanie right HERE –

P.S #2 – I haven’t yet dedicated a book to Madam Jojo, but it’s in the works! “Joyce, the ultimate Queen” is the next one on the list and that should be out … well, soon, but I’m not sure. In the meantime though, worry not. There’s plenty of Chinese femdom for you to browse through and BUY right here –

P.P.S – Oh, and if you’re a fan of Indian femdom, and lovely Indian ladies that use EVERY trick in the book to keep the male, especially those of us that are European or otherwise “Western” at heel, then what we’ve got is just the ticket for you – –

P.P.S #1 – Those EYES, oh, Goddess, those EYES of yours … ONLY Princess Joanie could match that LOOK, that inborn DOMINANCE, done oh so well, and oh so EXPERTLY – and naturally!

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