The only supplement Lola needs for her strong, tanned body and muscles…

Yours truly has that “X” shape to his body – thanks to the fitness routines my friend from … well, all over the world, I’d say – teaches.

Truly, its not the huge muscles look that men and women REALLY want – though a lot “say” they want that.

What folks really want is the slim, sexy build – with muscles all over, and minimal fat – a slim midsection without it being weak – strong back muscles and arms – and powerful legs – basically, that coveted X taper to the body everyone wants.

And last night, I was discussing business, current and future, in terms of the Miss V owned fitness business I run!

We were talking about supplements -something I’ve never really promoted.

But, these guys sell some good stuff, genuine reviews that feel genuine (like we get) – not the copy and paste spam nonsense that passes for reviews everywhere else!

But it’s funny, while discussing it, one thought was uppermost in my mind – or two.

One, what I’ve always taught fitness wise – that you dont need supplements or fancy diets of any nature to get the body of your dreams – just look at prisoners in jail for an example.

Nothing beats HARD work – good old fashioned hard work, my friend, and doing the thing day in and day out, and PERSISTENCE.

Yet, sometimes, extra supplements can HELP – though they’re not required – and maybe what these guys have is the real deal (I think it is).

But second, more importantly, I was thinking, well … the only hot JUICY supplement really needed, and a LOT OF IT?


Hot, gallons of sticky cum emanating from men’s LONG penises, now if they could bottle that up and sell it, I’d buy it so! Muah!

I’d SLURP spoons of it while dong – doing – pushups or what not. Hehe.

And really, look at what the venerable Ms Priyanka did with my seed – she ordered me to apply it to on Bhagwati Ma’am – oops, Pooja Ma’am, hehe – cracked soles (though I really want to do it for the former, such a Queen she is! – and the poor lady’s soles are SO cracked, muah!) … and within minutes, the cracks disappeared.

Truly the best pedicure ever.

Think about it, as Priyanka said, if “this gives life” – think about what it can do to the insides of your body in terms of restorative and regenerative properties – recovery etc!

There’s a reason ancient boxers and wrestlers abstained from sexual activity before fights – one is the spiritual side of it I’ve written so often about – a chaste man can accomplish things and go to levels of success even he couldn’t dream of – sexual transmutation if you do it right as the great Napoleon Hill wrote about.

But second, that semen circulates in the body … and HELPS the body!

(if there is excess of it, it gets reabsorbed into the body!).

Now, for you, the cum lover – what does this mean?

There’s many ways to get cum out of those lovely penis heads and empty the balls -but the 2 best ways?

One, sissygasms – DRAINING the balls – or the prostrate actually – are some of the BEST ways to get LOTS of cum out of a man.

Men have reported “leaking more cum” than they ever “came” in their lives – the most massive “orgasms” (not) ever!

And repeatedly, when you use the techniques in my book Sissygasm Central – along with bliss like you never felt – repeated orgasms that you thought only females could achieve ….

Second, MIND BLOWING sex – or blow jobs!

Especially the latter!

A nice suck and a throat fuck – deep throating – is the perfect way for a man to empty his balls and that beautiful long SMOOTH cock, the cock head to erupt with hot molten lava flowing down your throat, nice and sticky, gobs of it, right from the source, his manhood, pee hole and BALLS!


And Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots and Penis Central teach you how to worship dongs right – to coax as much JUICE out of them balls as you can – for your slurpy pleasure. Hehe.

Trust me, I used to mix it in my coffee years ago every morning!

And, it worked great for me – and will for you too.

It’s really the only supplement you “need” – if at all!

And on that note, happy, sexy Easter. Make it an even better one by investing in the  products above. And write back with reviews – we will give out a 10% off coupon to EVERYONE that sends in a genuine review – they really help others make an informed purchasing decision, so DO write back with reviews, folks!

Damn, I’m working with a guy narrating Miss V and I found myself thinking “I think he has a long cock” … Hehe.

Black guy, foreign sexy accent, y’all will LOVE the narration when it comes out (no pun)!

OK, enough for now!


Mike Watson

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