The lesson Mistress Sadie taught me all those years ago …

WAY back in the day (before the age of smartphones, and even mobile phones I believe) I met a lady online known only as “Mistress Sadie” – – or so she referred to herself as.

This was back in the day of Yahoo! Groups – -remember those, folks??

I was a callow youth of I believe 19 or so back then – – still broke, and in college, but VERY MUCH a REAL lover of femdom as I’ve been ever since I can remember, of course.

Now, being that Yahoo! Groups (not even sure if they still have ‘em – – I have not visited the Yahoo! Site in YEARS) were pretty much the equivalent of Facebook and Twitter back then – I was doing a search on dominant ladies, and I found her group.

There were very few pictures posted, but the group had a LOT of members.

Oh, my – it sure did – and the reason wasn’t so much the pictures (there were a few, but nothing spectacular), but she sheer VIBE coming off the posts Madam (Mistress) Sadie made on a very regular basis.

Since I never saw her face I’d have to place her at around 40 or thereabouts – – and perhaps the most dominant lady I’ve ever met (online) outside of mainland China, and truth be told, she’d probably give some of the Chinese ladies “stiff” (pun intended!) competition in that regard too.

The vibe, my friend, the vibe, and that isn’t even the lesson I learnt, though that probably served to solidify my oft – repeated belief about true femdom being all about vibes, and her MIND.

I was smitten by her, and repeatedly asked her permission to call myself “Mistress Sadie’s bitch” online – – which she very gracefully granted after I wrote a piece on her.

She complimented my writing, and I believe I mentioned that in an email or two before this.

“You write very well, bitch!” (at that time, she was referring to me as “bitch” as opposed to “Mistress Sadie’s bitch”!).

“But I like my steak well done. Other than that, the article was very well written. Good job!”

And soon after, I learned my lesson.

One fine day, she emailed me.

“So, you truly like to be humiliated, huh? Well, lets start by sending me $50 on Paypal, you pathetic fool! I will dominate you, use you, abuse you – and THROW you away after I’m done with you – just as you want!”

And believe me, those were the exact words that stuck in my mind.

Now, I was a broke ass struggling college student at that point, and honestly didn’t have an extra cent to spare, and I told her this honestly.

Her response??

She posted the following in her group : –

“The slave (my Yahoo! Name at the time has LOST the right to call himself Mistress Sadie’s bitch. He’s a loser, and I’ll call him that from now on!”

Yes, this was done publicly!

I was crestfallen, and emailed her apologing again, and requested permission to leave her group since I couldn’t do what she demanded. After all, that was the least I could do …

“I see no reason for you to leave, slave! After all, you’re a good writer – and you can be of use to me posting daily in my group! Keep doing that!

Dominantly yours,

Mistress Sadie”

True femdom, my friend – -and she DID use me – – often emailing me to post something in her group  – NOW.

Did I ever reclaim the right to call myself Mistress Sadie’s bitch?

Well, that is a story for another time – – but the lesson?

Always make it worth her time, boy! She doesn’t care for excuses, genuine or not, and neither should she – – but if the excuse is genuine – – be HONEST with her – – and maybe she will throw you a crumb or two as she did me – – IF and only IF – – she feels you’re a true and genuine fan of REAL femdom!

This of course explains my distaste for guys who fail to understand this simple concept (guys that CAN afford to pamper their women) and I’ve written about that before as well – – but that was the first time I “learned” a lesson I already knew – – but had it drilled into me anyway!

And it’s a lesson YOU too as a true male submissive would do WELL to learn, my friend.

Ok, that is it for today. I will be back again later!


Mike Watson

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