Time for the “cleanup” – no pun intended, hehe. Do YOU want to remain on this list, my friend?

And this isn’t one of those FUN Cleanups either, hehe – if you get my drift, unfortunately, it MUST be done.

What do I mean?

It’s time for the “yearly” cleanup around here – which is already delayed by a month – and which was prompted this morning by a record (even for me) number of “blocks” I did – both in my personal life and professional life.

Bottom line, if you get sent an email, if you write to someone, if you’re polite to someone, and that someone doesn’t reciprocate, ignores you with BS of “I’m too busy” (no they’re not – you’re never and weren’t ever a priority for them and so forth) – then most people would never go to the extremes of blocking them – most would be SCARED to do so , lose business etc.

Yours truly has done the opposite for years, and I’m getting MORE “anal” and STRICTER about it than before.

Curiously enough, despite what the “gurus” say, results both financially and personally in my own life have only IMPROVED – as opposed to what everyone keeps telling me “dont do it!”

Bottom line, and this is a cardinal rule of success mentioned in ALL the points in the great book Think and Grow Rich in one way or the other- Remove that which you dont want from your life – for whatever reason – UNHESITATINGLY and unflinchingly – and that something either starts to chase you – or something better instantly takes its place.

Trust me, though most people dont believe it – this law works – it works when you have full faith in it, and yourself, of course.

And that little thing called self respect …

Anyway – point of me saying this here.

Although the list has swollen (again no puns, hehe) – to over 17k  now – its time to clean up some dead weight the system isn’t cleaning up automatically.

If you’re someone that doesn’t bother to open their emails, someone whose inbox is perennially full, someone who is a “lookie lou” – and so forth, and still, despite my numerous requests NOT to taking up precious space on an email list that costs money to maintain (vs you reading what I have to say for FREE on the site) – then please respond back to this question with “NO”.

Ah, the question.

DO you want to be on this email list?

Just a simple yes, or no, thats all I ask, I dont think thats too much to ask, for some of you deep in inertia it might be, but I doubt it, all you gotta do is copy and paste the answer and respond back to me, and no hard feelings either way.

And no answer = no.

Please let me know – thank you!



Mike Watson

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