How I got the name Lola

Long story you’d think?

Not quite!

But as Madam “Han” greets me by saying “Join my contest bitch!” – hehe – or, “I’ll call you Lola too!” – I gotta write this short email about it.

How did the name originate?

Well, simple. I asked Madam Dani to give me a list of sexy “hooker sounding names” – Spanish names for yours truly, since I love COCK so much.

And she did, all very sexy, yet, the first one stood out – no pun – as always, that ONE name that ONE vibe, that ONE sole shot, that ONE look in the eye …

And Lola was the name I chose – and it sounds so sexy, so hookerish!

And, sweet. Hehe.

Kinda like “Plum Blossom”, which is the name perfect Madam Megan gave me … hehe.

Life as a cuckold and sissy is fun, and better than every before, and HOTTER with every passing day!

And, if you’re looking for hotter than hot from yours truly, MORE than our usual hot writing, then THIS little manual – Sissy Confessions (with Lola on the page) is RIGHT up your alley, my friend.

Trust me, those are confessions we’d all like to make, precious few ever do, or even think about it.

And I have – and very publicly too, and its so hot you wont just cum reading it, you’ll SPURT LOADS like I almost do to Bhagwati every time I see her, man, such a struggle not to TOUCH those arms, that waist, drop down and kiss each TOE 10 times as she’s there, that ONE toe painted RED.

Oh – MY!

Every sissy must partake of that course above, and some of – or all the other sissy SPECIALS – pun, and not – right HERE

And thats that for now – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Lola also rhymes so well with “ola”. Hehe.

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