When you DONT find her erotic – yet, worship her anyway for being the Goddess she is as a woman!

Ma’am Paye Lagu!

You in part inspired my latest book “15 Femdom Odes to older ladies … that SO DESERVE IT!”

Sorry to all those wishing the pre-order lasted a bit longer – in the flow – only lasted a few hours before the book was out – but thanks to everyone who placed a pre-order – enjoy the book, write back your comments, reviews etc – remember, it helps everyone looking to buy this book – and, you get an auto 10% off your next purchase here for doing so (all we want is HONESTY, genuine and AUTHENTICITY!).

Anyway – you might be thinking I’m referring to “Ma Ji” – the older, fat – and not attractive by “any standards” (though she is by mine!) lady a… whose feet have STILL kept me in a state of EXTREME devotion fued lust, submission and UTTER, total – SUPPLICATION (if she asked me to strip right now and suck dick for her, I’d do it, and kiss her feet 100000 times , each toe, just for saYING IT!!) here …


I’m referring to the older white lady who showed up yesterday showing me the WAY – and clearing any remaining doubts in my head (as if I ever had any!!) about this project being the next one to do!

Like I said, she showed me her soles throughout the workout.

But, unlike any other experience before, they did not arouse me – until after she LEFT.

After which I was so hoping she’d tug my nipples once at leasT!

But this morning, I thought about her again – and result? Didnt really get turned on, but then I thought about madam’s FEET on my chest, her calling me a bitch, a footboy – everything I am.

“Get me a beer, bitch!”

“Go massage her too, sissy!”

Come here, footboy! (with finger beckoning).

Madam would be GREAT at all this – just ask Madam Angela!

And again.


And those fat, cracked soles on my face – chest?

Oh my!

I’d cum on them. I’d wipe the cum into them to nourish them as Ms Priyanka taught me to do, they so deserve it, I’d PRESS them, I’d massage her, I’d especially lick her asshole – I think its never been done, and she’d enjoy it – “get your tongue in deep bitch!!!” – I can HEAR her say it – Id’ kiss the ass cheeks, I’d give her head … I’d, well, you get the picture. (actually ,it wasn’t Priyanka or Mansi Ma’am that taught me that – it was the older lady POOJA that taught me – not Pooja Memsahib .. JI! – the Pooja in Serving an Indian Goddess!)


Here is a little something else about that Pooja that might interest you! – Chinese airhostess foot worship – and more! – Spicy and Erotic Fetish

Anyway – lets get back to it – from zero lust – to – lust x 100?

How is that even possible, IS it even possible?

YES – and thats another key to attracting femdom on auto pilot.

Its something that comes from within you, a recognition that she is a woman too – no matter how old. Therefore, even though the soles aren’t attractive, for true femdom lovers, they’re an object of lust and worship – fueled by the former.

This may be a hard concept to stomach or swallow – no pun intended – let alone understand and USE.

But, like Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich

“I could you tell you what it is, but that would deprive YOU of much of the benefit you would get by discovering it for yourself”.

And thats that, my friend – you’ll understand when you’ve reached that level of devotion towards women in general when you HAVE. You wont need me to point it out ata that point!

Strange and wondrous “miracles” happen in all areas of your life, not just femdom – but that fuels it, because you love it, therefore, if you improve that area of your life, everything nigh improves suddenly – when you follow the affirmations laid out here religiously.

These actually WORK – as opposed to a lot of the affirmations out there which not only dont work, but accomplish the reverse of what they were meant to (and the people that spout those have usually used the opposite to get to where they were in any sphere of their own lives – but they dont “sound good” – aren’t easy – nothing worth having ever is, femdom included – and so forth – so they tell people what people want to hear, not what they NEED To – as opposed to here, where we tell you what you NEED To and HAVE to hear. Remember, we’re all about results, and I ALWAYS, bar none, encourage you to look at RESULTS accomplished by the person before “listening to them!”)

You wouldn’t take advice from a bald man on growing hair – or sex advice from a sissy, would you?

Well, I take back the latter. Hehe. But you get my drift !

Be sure too to pick up A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China to get into this frame of mind.

And start attracting – true – real and lasting – femdom – female dominance in all its shapes, forms and guises to YOU – rightaway!

And thats all I got to say about that. Would you believe it, we might move soon, and again, as has been the case over the years, without trying to, a woman is the landlord (lady) – or both! It’s always happened, India, China, perhaps even in the US!

and so it goes, if you truly WANT something, then get it you shall, so be careful what you set your heart on!

Because, as MAdam Gaby rightly said, it might not return. Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Edit, and this hasn’t gone out to the email list. Right after emailing y’all, I saw a message from a Chinese lady that hadn’t shown much interest in me – until now! And – her name? Karen – after searching through the memory banks and adding her, I found it!

I met her in 2016, I think. Massage therapist, succesful OLDER BUSINESS WOMAN. MY! Madam, thank you = yours so NICE!

If I ever needed another sign. Here it is!

And, the lady I saw yesterday could be described as a “Karen” too of sorts …

signs indeed from the femdom heavens. Paye Lagu, Madam…JI! You’re SO NICE!

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