Why “AI” isn’t always as intelligent as it’s made out to be.

Nothing will replace humans, my friend – despite all the advancement in technology, artificial intelligence etc – its the human MIND that created all this, and the human mind will always be superior – not just because of its sheer thinking ability, but also processing ability – and most important, the ability to access the SUBCONSCIOUS mind via deep feelings and emotion which computers, no matter how “smart” just cannot do. Period.

They can try, but all those searches showing exactly what you were thinking about is probably your own subconscious mind bringing those up to you in a manner most convenient – that is how the subconscious mind works!

Two days before creating my latest product, I took a photo of the maid (who works upstairs) lovely holy slippers – with her FOOT PRINTS on it it too, those long feet, long toes!

I so want to kiss those feet, massage them.

I so know she feels it, knows it.

And voila, a day or two later, with no prior knowledge or plans – not one, but TWO new products are out!

First being “25 odes to Indian maids … they SO DESERVE IT!” (each word is literally DRIPPING with pure, utter DEVOTION FUELED LUST!) (so it should, Paye Lagu Madam Ji, you’re so NICE!!!!)

And second being “Femdom ODES – the READER!” (a massive compilation which is a value grab if anything – you might want to get this NOW)

Yes, paperbacks and hardcovers available too – just choose that option, and will do.

Anyway – amidst all that, ONE of our emails has gone missing from our DB – and I put out a call to my list yesterday to see if any of you have it. Likely someone does, if you could do a search in your inbox for me, it would be super much appreciated!!

“I feel so womanly talking to you, Madam Gaby!”

I have not been able to find it cached ANYWHERE – our site went down for a while around the period that was written last year, I believe … maybe thats got something to do with it.

The link was this –Page not found – Spicy and Erotic Fetish  – written on the 23rd of Jan last year, but its GONE – disappeared – sadly! 🙁

Maybe I need to simp to Gaby a bit more to make it re-appear. Hehe. I hope she’s enjoying her sexual escapades with her lover – last I heard, he met her in Mexico, which is so nice – Madam was all decked out, I still remember her red nailpolish sitting on the hotel room bed. SO NICE! Paye Lagu, Madam Gaby! I should kiss your feet and thank you for having SEX and enjoying yourself!!

Being I have the new AI powered Bing, I asked it. Hehe. Though I used to use Google – Bing is quite interesting, and fast catching up, and the first response I got was “Sorry, I’m not Madam Gaby”.

Hehe. Then I tried again…

Hello, this is Bing. I’m not sure what you mean by your message. According to the search results, womanly means relating to or having the characteristics of a woman or women1234Madam is a polite way of addressing a woman, but it can also mean a woman who runs a brothel5. I don’t know who Gaby is, but maybe you are trying to compliment her or flirt with her. However, you might want to be careful with your word choice, as some people might find it offensive or inappropriate.

Indeed interesting, indeed true!

Now, I dont know – it instantly to me brought up the Sin City Diaries memory where my favorite (or one of them) girl (they were all favorites! Hehe) wasn’t there – and the “mamasan” or the Madam parked herself in my rather angry lap, or almost in it, trying to mollify her “customer” who was angry becaue of the sauna closing down without prior notice.

She was so NICE, the older lady! Maybe she will feature in our next odes series, which should be “odes to older ladies” – or perhaps older Asian ladies, or … we’ll see. The idea hasn’t fully crystallized in my mind as yet, but Madam?

(and, the Sin City Series is a great, lust fueled look into “behind the scenes” China – you’ll want to get this NOW if you have not already. Yes, many products to get, but they’re all so worth it, muah!)

In all my years of saying Madam, I’ve never once found a woman being offended, or thinking along the lines of he think I run a brother – even if they DID run brothels.

They FELT the respect.

FEELING IS KEY, emotion!


And, artificial intelligence will NEVER be able to replace that, the sheer joy, the LUST, the EMOTION BEHIND WORDS that gets things done – sometimes without even saying it – oh my!

It will NEVER be able to replace “on the spur of the moment” actions.

NO AI engine will ever capture the FEELING of LUST AND DEVOTION, the feeling of “Wanting to do ANYTHING FOR HER” – when I see Ma ji’s SOLES! (out there in the park!)

And so forth – and my books capture these emotions so well – with NO pictures!!

Only those that DO will get it …Speaking of which, you into femdom might want to get the above books now – you’ll understand exactly what I mean here!

Paye Lagu, MAdam. You’re so nice!


Mike Watson

PS – Please DO take a look in your inbox for the email above and reply back if you have it. I’ll even up do a special “lips” ? (anyone would love mine, hehe) discount on “sissy” products for whoever gets me that email! Muah!

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