When she made me MOO like a cow, and why “massaging” her dogs feet isn’t a good idea at all!

So, Goddess Priyanka.

My Ms, as “FDC” (the editor) told me to (wisely, I must add) call her.

Although, I dont know!

She’s such a queen and Goddess, the book would have probably sold even better than it is now if I called her that throughout!

But not everyone is as extreme in terms of femdom as yours truly is.

Anyway, picture THIS.

My lovely Ms. Priyanka, Goddess (perfect!) Madam Pooja (not the Memsahib I write of so much, but a cranky overweight AIR HOSTESS), and a lovely lissom lithe Indian Girl (Madam Mansi!).

Now, they’re all Indian so this email should be by all rights on the other site, but it wasn’t for some reason.

“Moo, boy! Moo!” 

And they all burst into RACOUS PEALS OF LAUGHTER!

Perhaps that is one reason the early incarantions of this newsletter had THREE ladies laughing and giggling.

Numbers, and the number three. Hmm!

Anyway … she’d tweak my nipples, and my cock (not caged) then would rise.

They wouldn’t permit me to touch my cock, of course!

But my man tits would shake helplessly, and they’d swing ’em back and forth! 

(and Chinese ladies did that so well too – as you can see in the Sin City Diaries compilation!)

But picture these three ladies.

Moo, Moo, moo! 

And I did produce my milk later, of course, and they made me lick it up! 

Now, this isn’t by far the most humiliating thing either they or other girls, most notably Princess Joanie made me do, although I do have a hard on right now just picturing it.

Humiliating Central details even MORE.

But it was great, great stuff, I’ll say that.

And last, but not least, and yet more on th eimportance of being truly into it!

I kept exhorting an ex girlfriend in a way I should not have (but I know better now!) to turn me into a cuck, for one.

(those lessons are all mentioned there the book so YOU don’t make the same damned mistakes I did early on)

(being a cheapskate wasn’t one of those mistakes tho, hehe. Yes, knowledge COSTS my friend. You gotta cough it up if you want it)

(and if you can’t get it “thats life”. I understand!).

(but at least email back and let me know WHY)

Anyway, she once made the comment when “trying” but she didnt want to.

“You can massage my dog’s feet!” 

Instant … DOWN!

And on that note, I’m out, hehe. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember to pick up the guide on attracting female dominance to you on auto pilot right HERE.

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