The rattan CANE Madam Ann took to my balls – and more.

One of the most “brazenly” dominating ladies was Madam Ann – you know she’s that way when the girl posts her foot pictures on wechat!

In China, in general these things aren’t done – but then again, feet? OF course it’s done – women in China are NEVER EVER shy about showing their feet – shoes – and of course, keeping it from us men. Hehe. So knowing! Muah xx

Thats how I met Ann, as detailed in Serving Ann.

The part about the balls – and her rattan cane literally WHACKING me – my, that thin cane adminstered so much pain in such an erotic manner, my insides still tingle thinking about it.

Worst, or best part?

Like Madam’s vibrating butt plugs which she’d naughtily send tiny electric sparks up my prostrate when I LEAST EXPECTED IT – that cane would hit my balls – right in the center, that line seperating the two jewels – when I LEAST EXPECTED IT!


When cleaning basically, I’d be on my hands and knees – this was something Ann actually asked me about – or told me, in a giggly tone before we started to “date” and so forth.

What if you’re cleaning and your balls hang out, and I … hehe. You get the picture, she was truly deviant. She IS truly deviant. She is so NICE for knowing how to hurt men and best of all, she didnt even have to deny me sex, I never wanted it!

Even with my aching balls, I’d press her feet all night, and my dick would be hard – such was my level of devotion to Madam!

An idiot once trolled this book as (Amazon has since apparently removed the review) “not worth it” because it’s just so REAL LIFE.

And that by itself means every serious femdom lover should get it – NOW.

These trolls usually troll books that hit home – that are real life – that show you how it’s done in real life, and not just femdom books. FItness books, life related books, self help, anything that really WORKS – the trolls will troll.

And we dont do airy fairy fancy crap around here that doesnt bring results. As you can tell, all of what we do – write – both in my novels and manuals – is all designed to bring YOU results, and more importantly, it’s all TRUE. And if someone can’t handle that?

Too damn bad!

Anyway – she was not the only one I was so devoted to, as you can tell. For instance, the Indian maid working upstairs just showed up. Automtically, my loins stirred as I thought of ….

Touching her feet, and nothing else!

PAye Lagu, MAdam!

And I know she feels it, that brilliant smile she gave me yesterday, it says it all, downtrodden, ignored, but getting attention she deserves, what a lovely dazzling smile you have Ma’am! Thank you!

Anyway – Ann would whack my balls a lot. And of course, her last boyfriend wanted too much sex, so ours was the perfect “made in femdom heaven” match.

When she said “only for health purposes”, I almost came in my pants!


Switch – no pun – or fast forward to today, NOW?

Ma ji, as I call her, that older lady’s SOLES – man, it’s driven me into levels of passion and frenzy I have NOT felt in a very long time! Those Indian soles, long, fair, she applies sun tan oil to make sure they dont get dark – poor lady, I’d do it for her, I so wish I could!

That husband of hers, I can feel the heat between his legs, the ROD between his legs just waiting to get HARD, throb in my MOUTH … the HEAD touching the back of my throat, his precum glittery, sticky and so sexy smelly…

And his balls, that I’d worship like the JEWELS they are, somehow I know they’re hairy and studly!

Cardinal rule for ball worship HERE . . .

And of course – get Ballbusting 101 NOW my friend. Truly secret shaminac techniques you’ve NOT seen before, never seen before!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember Christina Ma’am? And the Christina that loves dogs? Well, they both have such strong legs, and as I was mentioning it to the latter, she asked me why I asked.

“so you can kick me”,  I giggled.

Where, she asked.

“You already know!”

Hehehe… that she does.

SO NICE! Paye Lagu, MAdam. You make it SO WORTH IT!

And Christina Ma’am, her soles are SO NICE, as Carol once said … “how to do “…

PS #2 – Happy Valentine’s day to all! If you’re buying something for our SO, femdom related – and want a bit of a discount for orders over $100 – shoot me an email, we’ll see what we can do! Some of the best gifts you can get your Valentine are FEMDOM related gifts or reading – women LOVE that stuff, getting into the MIND – (hence what I keep saying about the same) – so get some products NOW my friend. Yes, the time is NOW!

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