“Khada kar ke sukha le!”

Kapde sukha!

Actually, she was a bit more polite, but whos noticing. Hehe. 

Kapde Sukha Lo!

Hindi being one of those languages where unlike Chinese, its not just the tone or different words that signify respect, LOTS OF IT (Paye Lagu – or JI!) – or the UTTER LACK OF IT (Tu, for instance!) – I’m sure other Indian languages like Bengali for one are the same!  … its different!

Anyway, we just got a delivery.

Clothes rack.

No prizes for guessing what my SO told me to open, and then to do.

“Do the laundry, boy!”

Shades of Madam Su, so NICE!

But what she said first?

“get it hard and dry it!” 


I remember her numerous taunts about “you only like other man’s dick”, you can never have real man sex, “your dick never stays hard!” and so forth I’ve written about so much!

These days, sex?

She doesn’t even ask me to get hard, and covers up when I go into the room, cucks shouldn’t see even BOOBIES!

Even Madam Gwen was giggling about this last night.

“My last cuck, I just put on a T shirt and dominated him, he didnt even need to see anything else”!

So true!

Cucks and sissies dont just enjoy seeing nothing but the bottom of your feet, Ma’am, that sall they DESERVE!

“Ma’am, it so nice, isnt it? Just relax, legs spread wide … in jeans if you wish, all I can see, the bottom of your sole, the humiliation” … 

And it’s true!

I’ve gone hoarse saying it here, I haven’t told Ma’am that, but I’m sure I will!


Anyway ….

Those dicks that DO get hard for real man sex are so sexy!

Long, colored, maybe not, sticking out from the thatch of dense pubes at the base.


As a certain guy “Etienee” once told me, I Dont know, dicks are just sexy!

That they are!


MOre than pussies, probably, though no-one will admit it!

As Gwen told me the other day showing me a dildo I was fawning over.

“Honey, you should see my other ones if you like this one!” 

My response ?

“Ma’am, the real dicks are so much better!’

HErs –

“Of course, nothing compares to a real dick!”

The feel, the look, servicing it, the cumshot, the texture, the skin, the cockhead , feeling it PLOW you, or even if you’re theo ne doing the plowing, nothing quite ………. comes close, pun intended!

And the best course to worship this magnificent weapon that all men carry around with them in their pants?

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots. 

And as the 998th post on the site, and 200 odd more on the other – so apt that cocks and Madam Gwen, or Madams in general are part of it!

Ma’am, you’re so nice.

Thank you – so much!


Mike Watson

Ps – Oh, I asked Ma’am to classify me in her own terms.

“Ma’am if you had to classify me as a cuck, sissy, faggot, Bozo, anything, whatever you want to call me, what would yo ucall me?”

I didnt expect her to use the terms I mentioned. She’s smart, most gals I’m with or talk to ARE, or I wouldnt talk to them!

“You entertain me, boy!”

(for background, I was asking her – or saying it – that if she wanted to remove me from her chat, she could, I’ve been stuck to her like a bee! And she replied with “Why on earth would I do that”.

If anyone needs to be removed, it’s <chopped>.

Some guy that has been salivating over her for two year,s never missed a day.


And I dont know, another guy was pestering her for services, God knows what, wouldn’t pay a dime! I think that was Glyn Schofield, sounds uncannily similar to what he said to Madam Josie that night! Really, what a REAL faggot and a loser you are, Glyn – dregs of the Earth and scum!

Anyway ……….. entertaining her?

That I do, Ma’am!

But I only do because they’re SMART.

But anyway her reply was –

“I’m not going to use any of the terms you mentioned. 

For you, OBEDIENT is the best!” 

Thats right, she nodded thoughtfully.

“Youre a good boy!”

She didnt add “ole”. Hehe.

But … brings to mind what Carol once told me.

“You need to obey!”

And I often did!


Love it … SO!

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