The SLIME sliding down your throat ..

Cum, my friend, especially thick hot GOBLETS OF IT – is not unlike oil in some regards – but it’s different.

It’s tastier for sure, different taste, thicker, different texture (depending upon the set of BALLS it came out of) – but perhaps the closest equivalent I can think of it to this gooey lovely mess – is SLIME – used by kids in playschools etc.

You know what I mean, dont you, that colorful slime kids play with?

Well, as adults, we dont get colors.

We get white slim!

And let me tell you, his moans, his hot SLIME on your FACE (trickling down) … in your EYE – shot so hard your eyelashes  (mine are long and feminine! I still remember a lady at the salon “wanting to do them so bad”) STICK together …

Most of all, when it slides down your throat – not unlike cough syrup.

The best protein shake you could ever have!

I’ve even had cum BUBBLE in my mouth – so horny was the man who erupted in me!

And for Ma ji’s husband, I’d gladly do all of the above, I’d even offer him my hole if he wanted, I can literally feel his manhood in me, balls slapping up against me, nothing like hot cum blasting against a FULL – mine – prostrate – and me leaking LOADS – pissing LOADS – and … well, the joy is INDESCRIBABLE!

To learn just how to experience this sort of bliss – out of the world BLISS – well, you’ll want to pick up Sissygasm Central NOW.

And, remember – without getting to know the wonderful, wondrous life filled MEMBERS that seed travels through to ERUPT like hot lava in your mouth, orifice, ON YOU – I love it in my eyes, then prying my eyes open! … well, Penis Central is your best and only bet my friend.

My, I’m so hard just writing this!

Get the above manuals now, and enjoy!


Mike Watson

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