Lick the balls. KICK the balls!

Yes Madam!

As I sit in a darkened room, right now writing this, you know whats on my mind?

Being “face deep” in a MALE crotch.

Preferably an alpha’s crotch, that deep sexy masculine voice telling me, my FEMININE side to truly get int ouch with it, and then some!

Of course, he wouldn’t’ need to say it too many times, or at all!

But the smell of his pubes, the sweaty smell of a REAL man’s groin, that cock literally CHOKING me to death (and me enjoying it as the HEAD hits the BACK of my throat) . . .

. . . and of course, a pair of lovely balls, preferably dangling just like Madam Sophia’s slippers! ?

. . . right into yours truly’s open mouth.

To be “gobbled”.


Worshipped for the TREASURES They are, and giving him that exquisite pleasure of a TRULY talented tongue, cuck or not, running across the underside of his hairy (or not!) balls, each little flick, each little tickle, each little stroke sending those tiny waves of LUST and pleasure running up his spine.

Lick my balls, BOY!

Lick his balls, BOY!

And if you’re a cuck you KNOW the thrill and difference btween the above two!

Which do you prefer?

Write back and let me know, but in terms of exquisite pleasure, lets get to the kicking.

There is NOTHING quite so heady if you’re into ball kicking or something of that nature (and even if you aren’t, try it – just start out slow!) and one of them cocktails is your balls being licked, cock beind sucked and then .. . POW

Those full balls BUSTED!


By Madam Christina preferably, humiliatrix on part with Princess Joanie, that cuckoldress au extraordinaire!

(Yes, the feet on the cover CAN bust your balls from here to you know where! Kingdom come, in more ways than ONE! ;)).

Or Madam Sophia

Or Pooha Madam JI!

I’d never dream of asking them to lick my balls! ? (though I’ve had it done more often than once!)

And I’m SO enthused writing this that I’ve forgotten to wear my glasses. Yours truly nerdy needs to wipe the cum off first. I can barely see straight anyway right now due to this heady mixture of lust!

But anyway.

Pain and pleasure done right can be an EXQUISITE combo!

It could nipple torture, and then nipples being SUCKED RIGHT!

OR flicked . . .

Same thing for balls.

Or the cock, for that matter (especially the HEAD!)

And any other sensitive area, really . . .

. .. but for now, back to balls. Truly one of the best part of a man’s body as I wrote about before, both for CUCKS – and STUDS!

And that’s that, my friend. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Madam – or Sir, as the case might be. ? Isn’t male genitilia just a WONDERUFL thing! ?

PS #2 – In terms of cuckolding, an intensely popular topic around these parts apparently – HERE is Cuckold Compilations, truly the BEST collection of cuckold stories EVER!

PPS – IF some of you want – write back and share your pics with me. No prizes for guessing what kind, hehe. I’ll Twitter them and make you “world famous” as the case might be! ?

(and your name too – whichever one you want me to use!)

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