Why the Chinese are the BEST at giving ruined orgasms.

It ain’t a secret whatsoever that I have mentioned mainland China as the MECCA (and probably Medina too, hehe) for those interested in TRUE – down to basics – FEMDOM in general, and ruined orgasms anre’t an exception to this, of course.

What do I mean?

Well, way back in 2014 I believe and I mentioned this in Sin City Diaries – Volume #3 … this girl came over to my place to massage me, ostensibly to do so at least.

Her entire demanor was that of a BOSS – quite literally – and a girl that was NOT happy at having to massage a foreign devil, or provide erotic massages in general, and right from the moment she pestered me up and down to accept a massage I didn’t really want (and which I accepted, hehe, always being one for a lady pushing me around like she DESERVES ?) .. to the minute she did NOT accept my towel for taking a shower at my place no less (definitely NOT on the menu normally!) … to running away ahead of time, it was nothing short of true and in your face FEMDOM.

And that’s probably why I attracted her in the first place, but I can but pity her other customers, but then again, she’d probably NOT react the same way with them!

Chinese girls are nothing if not canny, and as she gently rubbed her hands up and down my dick, barely even touching them, two thoughts came to mind.

First, I desperately wanted her to apply PRESSURE to the handjob – -any good handjob requires a firm, firm grip if nothing else, and a willingness to keep going as opposed to “Taking breaks” in the middle, which kills all the fun.

And second, it occurred to me how EASY she was making her job look under the guise of an “erotic massage”.

“Oh, it’s erotic! It’s better than the regular handjob”, she cooed, but THIS TIME I “stood” my ground – pun intended, replete with hard cock!

Unfortunately prior to that there had been a fair bit of “erotic” massage going on … and I came, but not quite.

I spurted ONE load, albeit not in a satisfactory manner, and she grinned, making noises of “ooh and ah” as these girls tend to, completely made up and something that doesn’t quite turn me on, but they do it anyway.

“One handjob finish”, she announced and shortly thereafter Miss Bao flounced off, handbag and all in TOW. Hehe.

Immensely unsatisfying, and a tale for the ages when It comes to femdom, right up there with the look of disgust those other ladies gave me … all mentioned in Sin City Diaries!

All THREE volumes are available right now along with graphic detail, so if this sort of things turns you on, and it should turn any true femdom lover on, then here is where you can grab them – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/sin-city-diaries/.

Way back in the day, the hand jobs were very different, and far more satisfying.

But then again, those were the days of supply and demand where supply far, far outstripped a still plentiful demand and like I said, these lovely Chinese dames are nothing if not SMART to a T.

And I still remember the girl at the barber salon, and the AWESOME handjob she gave me … as I stared at the bottom of her lovely soles, hehe. Truly was one for the ages ,and while I don’t generally spurt towards the ceiling fan as it were, I almost did just that one time, so powerful was the orgasm!

And this of course is another occurrence detailed in Sin City Diaries.

Last, but not least, if you want to do “erotic massage” right for the male, well, know that it takes a lot of work, my friend.

It ain’t just doing a half ass job as I mentioned above. There are WAYS to provide the perfect ruined orgasm – -IMMENSELY satisfying ways that will keep the guy coming back from more (as opposed to getting turned off and writing about it, hehe) – – and I’ve detailed these ways in my immensely popular book on ruined orgasms.

Here is where you can grab it, my friend – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/ruined-orgasms/

And that’s that for now. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – In terms of compilations, check out our ever BURGEONING Chinese femdom compilations right HERE.

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