Well, that was the quickest ever pre-order!

And I thought Volume Two of “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” was written in the flow as was “Mai, my lovely Indian maid!

Today’s book – or books – have them BOTH beat (no pun) but NOT by a lot. Hehe.

Without further ado, we’re live on –

25 Odes to Indian maids – they SO deserve it! 

And, a gigantic femdom odes compilation – FOUR VOLUMES IN ONE! – FEMDOM ODES – the READER!

Get these now, and enjoy – and remember to write back with reviews for the auto 10% off your next order – and, because you’re really helping out by providing your honest and genuine thoughts!!

Look forward to hearing back, my friend!

Ciao for now.


Mike Watson

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