That broad expanse of SOLE, and how easy it is for her to CONTROL me – men in general! Ma Ji, Paye Lagu, Memsahib..JI!! Your husband’s penis is so nice and THICK!


Man, it’s been a night of nothing but SEX dreams – so much so that the last dream I had was me – going into Rachna Ma’am – literally FEELING my penis enter her tight “tube” slowly, gently, as she MOANED in pleasure with each entry, each thrust. Madam Ashley would have loved it!

Of course, I also told her why I dont have sex too often in that position – my phimosis, which I never wanted to cure. That elephant snout can be sexy as hell!

“It doesn’t hurt in ALL position though”, I remember telling her, as I fitted snug in her, went up and down – and – well, woke up. I literally restrained myself from going back to sleep, or I’d cum loads!

Ever since I’ve seen Maji again yesterday sunning herself, specifically those SOLES And ankles, so pristine and fair she even rubs suntan oil on them before lying down in the park – my!


Ma’am, I’d do ANYTHING FOR YOU – those SOLES!

Ma’am, I’d dance naked for you – Ma’am, I’d empty your husband’s balls too if you did not feel like doing it!

And thats what sissy Mike has been having thoughts of all night too.

I’d massage him like the girls did me SO Well – like you read about in Sin City Diaries. 

I woudn’t make the snide comments though about “ni xi huan nan rena ma”? (do you like men – that story is detailed in Sin City Diaries, as my loins stir remember Madam and her cunning sexy eyes as she asked “you want the old foot!” – her SMS’s kept translating into, hehe – old? So true! – as I leak THINKING about it … literally, I had major league orgasms with that girl) … (till this date, I wonder how she knew. Hehe. BUt she KNEW, it’s that simple, women KNOW – they always have!) (FEELING, vibes! )

I’d let him spread his legs, lie down, put his fat, dark thighs on mine as I sat, massaging his tummy with my cool hands, flicking his nipples like Liao did for me!

Those girls trained me better than I could myself!

My fingers have often been called artistic, surgeon like – they’re great for flicking nipples – and prostrates, especially the THUMB (nipples) – and middle finger – prostrate!


He’s so MANLY, Maji!

Big stomach, I’d kiss it, and those lovely small man tits with the NIPPLES, oh my, I KNOW THOSE NIPPLES ARE SO SENSITIVE, I can feel the heat -I KNOW his prostrate is FULL – he’s horny as hell – I can FEEL IT!!


I dont know if he feels all this, but I’d flick his ear lobes with  my tongue, I’d spend ages probing the ear as he moaned, and Ma Ji would look on knowingly.

“Chal, Halka kar!” 

Muh me le!

Take him in your mouth, boy! Let him unload his balls!

And there’s a LOT TO UNLOAD!

Ma Ji, Paye Lagu, I’d intone while doing it!

And those soles would be on FULL VIEW – my!

It’s so damn easy for women to control men, my friend – soles. ONE SCRUNCH. ONE POSE – ONE … foot FLEX! And it should be that easy, men were born to be controlled by superior females like Ma ji!

Profound Poses has more – there is a reason I wrote that book!!

Then of course nipples, one flick of the nipples, and he’s YOURS. Believe me now and trust me later, it’s true!

And of course words, vibes…

But anyway, her husband’s penis – I haven’t seen it

I know it’s big and thick (and HEAVY!) though and DARK – smells musty, yet so sexy, the pubes haven’t been parted in ages!

For someone that wrote Penis Central – I dont necessarily have to see a man’s penis – I can FEEL it before I see it! Trust me on this one. (like with women’s FEET and dominance, it can be FELT before you see it). (or experience it).

And you know the best, or one of the best parts about a man shooting his load down your throat?

It’s shot SO POWERFULLY you dont swallow – you do it, without a choice – that SEED, the stickiness DOWN your throat, the SLIME – so NICE AND DIFFERENT!!! – the FEELING OF IT slithering down like a snake down your THROAT! OH MY! CUM!

WARM SEED – so warm and heavy you can feel it SPLASH in your abdomen, almost!


I had it happen with Jerome (Su’s boyfriend) so often . . .

(Yes, Mike Watson has had  a very prosaic and interesting life thus far, and I’m barely getting started. Again, so it should be, thats what life is for, how its meant to be lived!)

And feeling him get hard in your mouth, no better joy for a sissy, cock lover, or if you simply want to please Ma Ji, whose looking on approvingly, fully into it now (remember, you have to GET HER INTO IT FIRST as I keep saying in Cuck Central – there is a WAY TO GO ABOUT THAT AND DO THAT! Simply springing your fetishes on her is NOT THE RIGHT WAY) …and getting harder and moaning – MY!

That penis is so nice, I so wish I could massage him with oil, that dark Indian skin, peel his underwear down to get to his manhood…

All for you, Ma Ji …

Malkin, Paye LAGU!

Ever since I saw your soles for the third time, I’m completely infatuated and hooked.

And you know it, so you should.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib .. JI!

You’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

PS – More hot man on man witah a femdom twist (which makes all the difference) in Cuckold Compilations. Grab it now and start shooting YOUR load as you read – hehe.

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