Christina Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

Last night, I wrote to you about her.

This dominant, gorgeous force of nature that – as happens so often – added me out of the BLUE – and took me by STORM in 2019.

I couldn’t help but simp to her daily.

I couldn’t help but be a FEMALE simp to her, I couldn’t help but thank her even when she was being unreasonable, most of all, the roaring, RAGING LUST SHE AROUSED IN ME NEVER EVER WENT AWAY TILL THIS DAY!🔥🔥🔥♨

We were supposed to do business together, that never happened.

No wonder.

Madam added me to be a simp for her, and TAKE MY MONEY as she deserves, most of all?

To have me groveling at her feet in public – NO SEX!


And I wouldn’t dare to ask her anything sexual.

I haven’t spoken to her in MONTHS – and last night, I saw a picture of her on whatsapp, so utterly gorgeous I had to break the silence, I did.

Then I sent you that email, this morning, I see she GOT the email.

Such a QUEEN, of course she wont reply instantly!

Anyway … I’m so lucky, so happy!

I wrote before about how I touch my wife’s feet before doing anything important, business or otherwise, I get her BLESSINGS. So it should be!

And I’m touching Christina Ma’am’s feet now and saying thank you for being such a Queen, so DOMINATING!

Like I so want to touch the Indian maid’s feet relaxing in the park!

Submitting to a woman’s NATURAL FEMALE DOMINANCE, allowing it to BLOSSOM IS THE BEST THING EVER, so NICE!


On that note, I saw a picture of an ancient Greek God – or man they considered “godly”.

Its interesting how it goes.

We worship long penises as a culture dont we? muah, they’re SO SEXY!

💋😘😘Long, straight, like Christina Ma’am’s lover, like Master Wang

But the ancient greeks saw that as something bad, impure – something that led to “too much lust” -and they actually revered SMALL penises!

Hehe – which scientifically apparently is backed up by some obscure fact about the “semen cooling off” fast in longer penises.


I dont know, my ex told me about their plumbing issues which is true to a degree.

But all that hot cum I’ve had from long penises – I dont know, maybe I just got them SO HORNY!


I love sucking cock and submitting to it, that is why Penis Central and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, but anyway. That greek statue had a penis pointed most interestingly – a severe, severe case of phimosis!

And I noted this on Twitter.

“The ravages of time”, someone said.

Well, for women, those ravages look gorgeous!

But for this statue, phimosis, something not looked upon well – was admired in ancient Greece too!

I sent you that email about being called a modern day Yoda, eh.

Well, turns out it might just be true with my own phimotic penis… Hehe.


Life’s good, my friend.

Make YOURS good too by investing in some of my world class products, books, and manuals.

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And …

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Along with that, always remember.

Cock and feet, boy.

Feet and cock.

Feet … and COCK!

Accept the natural order, the progression. GO with the flow. And enjoy life blissfully at levels you NEVER DREAMT possible!

Grab the Penis Worship Compilation now, it’s still HOT. Hehe.

I’ll be back shortly!


Mike watson

PS – Reviews too, my friend, REVIEWS! Questions too if any – we welcome and love all! 

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