Why pressing Grandma’s BROAD soles is the best thing ever!!

Back in the day … yours truly when he was still on his quest to learn and develop the “femdom” (or worship) in me to the fullest extent, I made mistakes.

Many of them!

And some of the most glaring errors are covered in a pathbreaking, TORCH BEARING book on it – in the hope that it will “illuminate” the darkness away from the idiot male mind that thinks its about sending women idiotic messages about being their servants late at drunk on baijiu, and of course topping from the bottom.

Especially the last. It is ALWAYS ABOUT HER, boy!

And if that means YOUR FETISH is NOT Considered, so be it.

TRUE lasting femdom is that way, boy.

And if you give first, and unstintingly, you’ll recieve. 

Just look at Madam Pearl, findomina au extraordinnaire and how much yours truly got – or Madam Su, cuckoldress SUPREME, and how many cocks this cuck got …

But anyway, point of this being the following – the book I referred to above.

Grandmother Ashley features in it – yes, the lovely lady who I didnt know what treasure I was missing in terms of femdom, and especially when she wouldn’t talk about sex with me!

If I was a stud, she would have, I now know.

But she KNEW!

And I’d often call her Grandmother in jest for that.

But I’ve spoken before about my own grandmother’s soles in the past.

And I’ve also told YOU about older ladies, and the best part?

MOstly, they just want oral worship – and FOOT – and other rubs!

And they are SO dominant, especially the ignored over 60  lot!

And thats why, my friend calling Ashley a grandmother is a compliment BAR NONE!

Paye Lagu, Grandma. You deserve it!



PS – Daniela, the lovely lady who very recently left a great review on the book on finding the dominant lady of your DREAMS – well, she’s calling herself “Grandma” too due to a bad memory.

Perhaps I, as I told her, need to press her head more. Hehe.

More blood flow, you know, unlike to my caged cocklet …

But, she’s more right than she knows, and a Goddess!

Au extraordinnaire. Thank you, Madam!

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