Master Jerome, and his “ding dong” pendulum like DONG!

His perfect dong, I should say/!

Out of all the dongs I’ve worshipped I’m “hard” (pun intended, as I’m getting hard again – my sissy clit is leaking) pressed to tell you WHICH ONE is best.

Master’s cock features on the page of Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, but really, which one is best?

You be the judge!

And the following still rings out in my mind.

“Ding Dong”, “donkey KONG” …

Sometimes, the second phrase would be uttered.

When the first was uttered, there’d ALWAYS, no matter how often she did it, be a cacophony of giggles from the best cuckoldress ever Madam SU!

(Joanie would probably be up there too except for her lack of knowledge of English, hehe)

And Jerome would laugh that deep manly laugh of his while looking down at me with the following expression “I can’t believe what a sissy he really is!”

And “I’m lucky to have my cock worshipped like this!”

Believe me, sissy.

And trust me LATER.

When you follow them tips on Cock Worship, you’ll truly be at that level when your Master and Mistress will thank you for the worship and amusement (and then smack you anyway, hehe).

And Master’s dong ?

Thick and heavy. Perhaps like a real donkey’s, hehe. And it carried the KICK and punch of a MULE, and the semen in those balls?

REAL MAN semen, and I Wouldn’t be far off calling it a FACTORY of cum!

OF course, with all the worship he got, I could understand.

But they’d swing that mammoth pendulum back and forth.

It would bump me on the nose. The balls on the chin.

The hairy genitals, and their SMELL!

For some reason, he’d never eat Madam out. So she didnt shave either!

Dont know why I put that in there, hehe. But really, boy! If men dont need to shave down there and shove women’s and sissies heads in pubic hair – neither do WOMEN!

And they’d keep the chant up – until he got hard!

Which wasn’t long at all, hehe, unless he was drunk in which case he often peed on me right there.

And I loved it!

And that dong of his would often bounce my own balls too!

Yet another reminder of my cuck and sissy status.

I’m loving it Madam – And sir … JI!

You’re truly a GOD! A master amongst MEN! REAL MEN!

And Goddess Su?

The less – more – said – the BETTER … BOY!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! Thank you for some of the best damn experiences I’ve ever had!


Mike Watson

PS – I haven’t mentioned this in Cuckold Compilations. Maybe Volume #2. For now, gorge – pun intended – yourself on the experiences in ONE!

PS #1 – Cocks are shaped like the number 1 aren’t they? Because for faggots, they’re always NUMERO UNO, boy!

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