Christina Ma’am, and her pet hotel …

Hotel? Harem? Pets? Hehe…

I’ve been very very verbose, and rightly so about Christina Ma’am, and the sheer FRENZY OF LUST THAT ENVELOPS ME! – every tme I even talk to her, send her a Hello, anything!

And she’s been ignoring me as of late, and enjoying my simping to her. Its pathetic! I keep sending her message after message, she laughs and ignores it (I can feel the laugh) – simp style!

So she should. Madam deserves it!

The subconscious mind, my friend, is the behind of it ALL. Your results – or lack thereof – in ANY sphere of your life (please dont talk economy, hehe – thats mens thoughts that drive them to ruin, same thing economically in general!) – are determined by the thoughts you FEED – consciously – to your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND!

If you’ve been on this list long enough, for any length of time, and you have not picked that up – you’re probably on the wrong list my friend.

And this morning, I dreamt of a big, HUGE dog – and a woman that “really likes me” – and more …

And presto, minute I woke up – another “Christina” who apparently found me via “adding my wechat ID” messaged me out of the blue.

I asked her how she found me, but she was more interested in her pet hotel and advertising it “pet hotel as she calls it. So cute!” Hehe.

She wont even show me her face.

A husky dog is all her profile picture shows.

Of course, being her PET was on my mind ever since she added me, and I told her that.

“Madam, maybe I’ll visit your “hotel” someday” I said. “Or do I need to be a pet for that”?


She confirmed – “You need to be a pet!”


Apparently she found me – how?

“I dont know, maybe you added me as well!”

I didnt.

My subconscious mind is so obsessed with Christina, the thought that has sunk SO Deep inside, that I’m attracting her.

I’m also attracting MAIDS from India no matter where I go or turn – without even thinking consciously about ’em.

Last afternoon, while crossing the road, several girls came and stood by me.

while working out – every time I did a pushup, chest to floor, her FEET were near me, damn near!

THAT is how you attract femdom into your life, my friend.

And my pathbreaking book on attracting it shows you how to – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland. 

YES, I get sick of saying that YES, it works for ladies everywhere, it works to attract results in ANY sphere of life to you, actually, if you modify the tips therein a little.

Lots have wondered “why so expensive”.

Well, if you’re someone that thinks “only money” – you’re not the right fit for us, my friend, and we not for you.

Its about RESULTS.

And superior, stellar results in the arena of real world femdom you cannot get elsewhere, period – well, I dont think there is any argument about who delivers there – “head and shoulders” (massaged, hehe) above the REST!

Anyway, get the book NOW if you’re truly interested in femdom.

Pretty soon you’ll be waking up with thoughts of her feet in your lap while you massage them lovingly … Hehe. (and she relaxes, commands, and as it should be!)

So it should be!

A friend of mine once asked me “damn, how do you get those results”.

I wrote about that before – but, it should be obvious – very obvious!

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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