Madam Bao Bao LAUGHED at me, LOOTED me, and I kissed her feet, thanked her for it, and wanted, nay . . . BEGGED . . . for MORE!

“Your girlfriend will be very lucky!”

. . . BOY!

And while she didnt say “boy”, she might as well have, hehe. 😉

I’ve mentioned the story of the lady of the night that looked at my cum in utter DISGUST (as she should! ;)) before on Medium (before they blocked my account for some reason, so I’m posting HERE – yet more proof on why you should always have your OWN Setup, most people dont get it, but it’s true!). Lots of you liked that first tale, and it was taken straight out of Sin City Diaries — Volume 3 — and there are more tales there you will NOT want to miss, hehe.

Including the tale of the massage worker who asked if I was gay . . . and HER friend, and subsequent meetings, hehe. That one is a mind bender, and a must read, so grab the book NOW if you’re interested.

Volume #3 of Sin City Diaries by Mike Watson. Available right here —

And it’s scarcely the first time that (if we’re talking about the above case) that a lady of the night or massage worker added me online, and demanded that I get a massage — and got her way, as she should, both before, during and after the massage! Hehe.

No, the very first time something like this happened was in 2015, I believe (well, there were others before that, but this really stands out in mind — pun intended) — — when a lady called “Bao Bao” added me on wechat.

And of course, the minute after she did that, she started “propositioning” me.

Being I really wasn’t interested at the time, I declined politely the first time around. Also, and not the least, I had to workout later, and I wasn’t sure how well I’d do with “no energy” left if you get my drift.

But Chinese ladies do NOT take no for an answer when they really want something!

“Please call me to your house!” she went on (believe it or not, the way in which she said this was anything but submissive, more like a “forceful” push as it were) — — and sent me more pictures of her.

The picture was fairly attractive, but I didn’t relent — — as yet, anyway.

“I’m busy, maybe next time”, I ventured tentatively. But truth be told, I had a hard on upon looking at her — — and those legs in the picture, and though I was too shy to ask for a picture of her feet, I was certainly horny enough.

And she felt it, of course, and applied the coup-de-grace, as it were.

“Please! I need money for my sister’s education!”

A thin excuses if any, and I saw through it, but hey what can I say! I finally agreed, and she showed up — and after the perfunctory hug, it was time for Madam to … massage me?

Not a chance.

“I want to take a shower”, she declared in a regal sort of manner.

I know what you WANT, boy, and you’ll GET IT TOO!

“Shower?? You?? Isn’t it the client that normally takes a shower … (and it is, normally, as you can tell from my Sin City writings — — usually with the girl!)”

And given the amount she was charging (which was about the same as what I’d pay for a two hour sauna session with a girl, I figured that I’d be the one showering with her).

But this is Madam Bao Bao, and there was no chance of that happeneing, as she pouted.

And as I felt the familiar annoyance creep over me, as well as that tinge of excitement that I feel when I see a truly dominant lady (regardless of how society perceives her) — — I knew this wasn’t going to be no ordinary massage.

She pouted.

“It’s hot outside! I want to take a shower first!”

“Oh, OK. We’ll start counting time after that”, I said, “and …”

It was like I had asked to do the strip tease in front of Big Ben in London. Time is money, you know!

“Time starts NOW!”

With that, it was off to the shower. Ten minutes later (it was a 90 minute session) she emerged.

I handed her a towel — my tower, but she wrinkled her nose at it.

“Don’t you have a nice towel? A fresh one for me??”

“This is fresh”, I replied. And it was. I had washed it just last night, and …

She took it finally, but in the manner that you might expect if a leper handed you his towel, and probably the look you’d give the leper would be NOWHERE near as disgusted as the look she gave me!

As the massage started, I got turned on, and since she was sitting on my bed, I asked her to extend her legs, so I could see her feet — -and soles, which were lovely and curved just that much, if you get my drift, with the heels cracked.

“Madam, why are your heels cracked”, I mustered up enough courage to ask her, dick furiously straining at the bit.

“What??” she asked, surprised that I’d even ask such a thing, and not sure she had heard correctly.

I repeated the question.

She giggled.

“You’re so strange! You like my dirty foot!”

You’re a little bitch, aren’t you, boy!?

And she pulled it away, but not quite, and as I pulled it back towards me, that all so familiar look came into her eyes again.

“Ohhhhh”!! (Remember the girl from the “barber salon” in the first Volume of these diaries??)

And as I stared at her feet, she made a perfunctory gesture of rubbing my legs as I proceeded to rub her feet, noting that the soles were really cracked — and she laughed.

“Your girlfriend will be very lucky!” she commented.

And the way in which she said that made me feel that yes — she DID feel the girl friend would be lucky — but it also made me feel as if she was laughing at a client so easily manipulated — — and she was, of course!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. To the non-initiated, a bare female sole would mean nothing, or less than. But to the true femdom lover — — well, along with the look in the eye, there are few, if ANY things that turn us on more than this, and she knew it, hehe.

And as she did her own version of the “erotic massage” mentioned above on my dick, I decided it was time to take control and tell her how I liked it done, which is firm, solid strokes on the shaft, but that was my mind talking, of course. The big head.

And the little head had a mind of it’s own, and WITHOUT her touching my nipples — — without any of it, such was the sheer DOMINANT vibe she gave off (I’ve given a few examples above!) that I just came on the spot — — but it was a weak orgasm, and certainly not the best I’ve had — — close to ruined in fact (which is why these ladies do the “erotic dick massage” that way, hehe — — its all about ruined orgasms, and keeping the man horny and begging for MORE i.e. more business for them with LESS work), and as I asked her for another, she looked at me in amazement (this was ten minutes later).

“You only paid for one!”

OK, so I had …

“Ok, no problem. There are still twenty minutes left. Why don’t you massage my back…” I started, and then stopped, suddenly conscious of the fact that she had left the room.

A minute later she reemerged, with purse in tow.

“You already get hand job! Now I go!”

“But my time’s not up!” I protested.

She glared at me. “So what?”, she said, and then it was time for some “sao jiao” which as readers familiar with Chinese girls will know what I’m referring to — that being the petulant, childish tones that Asian females often employ when they want to pull a fast one on men.

“I have other business! I need pay bills! Please, please pay me! I go!”

And since she was hell bent upon going — — I paid her, and off she went — — with the parting remark (upon my asking) — — “Ok, I’ll sit more with you next time! Twenty minutes extra next time!”

No “boy”, as you might imagine, but she might as well have said that!

Sheer dominance as you can tell, and while my partial orgasm meant I was full of energy and had a great workout later, I’d never call her again, you’d think?!

And if you’re wondering why I was literally salivating at the chance of meeting her the next time, well, my books on RUINED orgasms will tell ya! Let me tell you, Chinese ladies do it the very best!! 😉 Thank you, Madam Bao Bao and all of you other lovely ladies . . .

Wrong! I did message her .. and I asked her if she would dominate me — for MORE money!

Her response??

“No! I only do massage, no other thing!”

Madam Bao — — that was a mistake you made. You wouldn’t have to learn anything new as you thought you would have to — — you’d simply need to be yourself, and put those lovely cracked heels up so I could rub lotion on them — and pay you for it … but you didn’t understand!

Anyway, that is that for this experience. Truly an experience that words can not fully describe or do justice to as you might well imagine!!


Mike Watson

P.S. — I’ll write more later. Just writing this has turned me on so much that . . . well, you get the drift!

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