Tongue meets GLANS

Glans worship is an integral part of penis worship done right, my friend!

And thats obvious – but it is even more required – and EROTIC – when it comes to penises such as THIS ONE

This type of penis is mentioned towards the … or in the middle of the book Penis Central. Rightfully so, and being in the middle is NO coincidence, which I dont believe in anyway – due to the very nature of the dick, which everyone loves!

SO erotic – those folds of skin at the top of the the penis, the ELEPHANT SNOUT!

And, getting straight to the meat of the matter here, after the rather lengthy last note I wrote to you … imagine this, or think about YOU doing it – tongue flicking past those lovely thick layers of SKIN on top of the penis, the penis that is phimotic, so in most cases the foreskin wont even retract fully or at all – but you can see a GLIMPSE of that lovely pee hole, the glans “never shown” as it were …

And her tongue right in the middle of all that, or yours, and with guys like this, they often taste DELICIOUS – with all the mixture of cock juice, smegma, pre cum – yeah, it might sound kind of gross, but when you’re doing it? PURE AND UTTER LUST!!!!!!!! … that tongue right in the MIDDLE of the foreskin, meeting the pee hole – STAYING there!

Then back at it, flicking around the uber sensitive SKIN around the penis head …


Just thinking about it drives me insane, done with the technique I mentioned in the last email, even more so …

Always remember tongue meets glans when worshipping penis – cardinal penis worship rule!

Not explicitly mentioned in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, but it’s very much there in each tip if you look past mere words!

And that, my friend is that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Now that I’ve got all this off my chest, I had to, time to address the customer service issue too!

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