Nipples to “calm the enraged “bear” down”!

I dont know if I wrote about it in Sin City Diaries – it might be there in Volume Three!

The girl that almost “tore the skin off my dick” … Hehe… which it’s THIS type of dick, so you get the drift!

As a certain lady I spoke to in customer service (not directly related to this business) recently told me so well – Yeah, I catch the drift! Hehe.

Anyway, she’s been great – the best in customer service ever – well, maybe not “the best” – but one of the best.

She cares, and it shows.

Why do I mention this – well, because of the “enraged bear” part above – and one of my pet peeves, which like Jeff Bezos back in the day it drives me INSANE – poor or shoddy “dont carish” style of customer service.

You guys know what I mean, right?

You email customer service  – or get on the phone – and they act like they haven’t even read most of that email you spent hours typing so the other person can understand the issue, get to the bottom of it (no pun!) – worse, sometimes, often times, it feels like customer service simply copies and pastes out of manuals and doesnt even bother to understand what the customer’s problem is – more like “get it done by the end of the day and leave the office”, and thats that!

It’s one of the reasons we’re HUGE on customer service done right around here.

Im very selective about the sort of customers I court -and have.

But I’m also very good at “servicing” them – pun intended, and not – but I’m talking customer service here. You’ll get either me or other support staff if you click the “help” icon at the bottom right corner of your screen – and trust me, customer service and the customer experience is something we take very seriously around here – that will never ever be an issue.

Anyway – where was I.

Ah yes, that incident in 2005, back in the day, I still remember it. I was towards the business end of the start of the second hour – ie. the second hour as I explain in the series is really – or used to be, and still is, actually – when the “fun” starts after the foot massage (that was foot massage I was at) – and some guy working there was constantly knocking on the door for God knows what reason. Something to do with time or some nonsense I believe…

I got aggravated.

Last thing one wants in those sort of situations is idiots banging on the door for inane issues, one thing led to the other, pretty soon there was a shouting contest.

Guy was in the wrong, so he ultimately backed down, but thats not the point, and that didnt necessarily calm me down either, I remember the girl, who was with me all the while, uttering soothing words and leading me back into the room … constantly caressing my chest, but none of it worked until …

… well, she quietly, and this DURING the argument – slid a hand sneakily up my T shirt, and sort of “pinched-caressed” my nipple – the LEFT NIPPLE – for one fleeting SECOND!

The left is often more sensitive, and the technique above is outlined in different words in Nipplegasm Central – but my!

Despite the fog of anger and annoyance, LUST swept through me- a frission of it.

Then anger took back over.

But the start had been made.

The back of “anger” had been broken!

And she led me back into the room, and once she got me on the sofa, flicked my nipples, even though I tried expressing my annoyance at the situation – rightfully so – it all DISAPPEARED – it was SWEPT away – by sheer lust!

And then the massive orgasm later, and me telling the ex “she almost tore the skin off my dick”.

Which she did.

I still remember her saying bye to me, I still remember wondering when I’d be back in China – at the time I was leaving for India. Little did I know, I wouldn’t be back for 8 more years!

I finally DID come full circle though, but point is – not so much what she did, but how she did it, and how EASY it was – and believe me, when I’m angry, which I’m not usually – it’s not easy to control me!

Yet …

CONTROL his nipples – CONTROL HIM!

Sure, there are tons of other ways to arouse lust – body wise, one I’m going to write about soon (tongue meets glans – SO EROTIC – be on the outlook for that one!)  – but nipples are a very easy part of the body to access even in public if you get my drift – unlike ear lobes, or dicks, or … you get my drift!

And today, with the horrible level of customer service I got (curiously enough, I expected just that last night – oddly enough, its the same company the lady I said above that has EXCELLENT service works for!) … I was wondering.

And I tried the technique on myself.

And it … worked!

Not fully, but with a girl next to me, I’d have calmed down instantly.

Even without, I can still be calm enough to sit here and write this to you …

Nipples, my friend, you truly want to get to know yours.

And the bliss that they can arouse, and do … if you do it right!

Please DO get Nipplegasm Central NOW – from a customer service standpoint – that is the only and right way I can end this one, to benefit YOU!

And thats that. Be on the outlook for the other email on “glans worship” coming soon!


Mike Watson

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