Clean those soles . . . BOY!

And if there ever was a better heading than this, I’m yet to see it! 😉

Or HEAR it, Or (if you’re talking Madam Priyanka, and her ingenious ways of making me squat and “press her feet” while she’d smack the back of my head in an imperious and arrogant manner as and when she pleased) FEEL it . . .

Chinese ladies are truly uber dominant, but so are Indian ladies! 😉

And . . . it’s a privelege to not just LOOK at her dirty soles, but be PERMITTED to BEG to clean them too, BOY!

(By the way, smacks to the BACK of the head are one of the most humiliating things ever, and REALLY amp the femdom up a notch or two! Try it out ladies, and you groveling male subs! ;)).

Down, BOY!

Thats Madam Sophia, by the way, and I’d happily hand over control of my entire bank account to her right now and if she asked, and GROVEL to do it too!

That look in the eyes, and THAT way of putting her feet up, and THAT innate dominance, the last being the best, but ALL Of it matters!!

Anyway . . .

When I talk about a foot fetish — or my foot fetish — or my love for Chinese ladies (or ladies in general!) and their lovely, soft feet — — the image that flashes into mind first off for most folks isn’t that of dirty feet — or soles.

More foot fetishists, and indeed even male subs are very direct in stating their “preference” for clean soles — and while this is fine and dandy — it makes me stop and wonder why.

To me, dirty soles on a lady have always been a turn on — but don’t get me wrong — — it’s not the dirt itself that does it — it’s something else!

And to me, I cannot understand the idea of a true foot fetish without dirty feet — or stinky, sweaty socks — — and of course, the inevitable and utter humiliation and submission. It’s all part of a package, and dirty female soles are close to the top of the pecking order in that list!

Confused? Probably. Controversial? Heck yes … but … stop and consider for a minute.

Last night I had a dream where I was with a “girl” going to “school”.

I mention this in quotes for a reason, of course, but as we passed by, we saw another girl sitting on the floor casually, her lovely legs spread out in front of her, and the soles were grimy and DIRTY.

And yet she was on the phone, without a care in the world, the right leg outstretched, and the left tucked in under her.

This lady was Pearl — NOT Madam Pearl that I keep talking about, but another former student of mine in “days gone by”. I used to teach her English, and I still remember her shorts — and clogs that she wore to class, and her large, unpedicured, yet oh so sexy feet — and her soles!

She was of Burmese origin, and she was sitting there in my dream.

The girl I was with paused, and bent at her feet — and stopped to check her soles. Of course, this action didn’t produce the sort of reaction it would in “real life” — but then again, it’s a dream we’re talking about.

I asked her “why”.

And pat came her response, with a wink.

“Her soles are dirty, that’s why!”

And it hit me like a ton of bricks right then and there — at 4:22 A.M. in the morning, which was when the idea for this post came to me, and here I am now sitting out typing it to you!

Of course she wanted to check her soles. It was my subconscious talking to me and reminding me of a pair of dirty soles — and without getting into how the subconscious manifests itself, here are a few reasons why I as a true sub and foot fetishist LOVE her dirty soles — and why you should too, if you’re a true male sub!

First, remember that as I said, it’s not just about the dirt. It’s about HER, as it always is, and when she comes home from work, or play — or workout — feet tired and sweaty, I don’t think she has time to get a pedicure before showing you her feet, does she!?

It’s the NATURAL part of it that turns me on the most — much like my exercise routine, which is as natural as it gets.

She comes home, kicks her shoes off, and thumps her sweaty, dirty feet on the table like a true Queen — and combined with the right dominant attitude and that look in the eyes, its the sexiest thing ever!

Second, every time I see a woman with dirty feet — or cracked heels, my initial thoughts are of “dropping down to the ground” and applying lotion to her feet — or simply kissing them — or simply massaging them as she laughs at me, confident in the sheer sense of power her feet, the lowest part of her lovely body have over me!

This is significant — and if you don’t get it — I doubt you’re a male sub in the truest sense of the word.

When Madam Pearl showed me her (by now famous) dirty sneaker sole, it was the LAST thing anyone would have thought was sexy — especially since nothing other than the sole was in the picture — but yet, it’s HER foot dirt.

It’s her dirty shoes — her dirt— and that dirt is still higher in status than me, her slave, and both of us know- and recognize this fact for what it is.

And that really at the end of the day is what makes femdom so enjoyable — two parties that are truly INTO it — and truly BELIEVE it!

I’ll write more on this later. For now, it’s adios — and I’ll see you again in the next post!


Mike Watson

P.S. — Princess Joanie is another lady whose dirty soles make me want to drop down and salivate — and send her money — and this MONTHS after I first met her. It’s no wonder she’s on the cover of Cuck Central — which you can grab right here:

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