The two faces we all have, the double lives ALL – or most, of – us – LIVE!

Actually, it should be all in the latter part of that above statement my friend – more on that here.

Everyone has those desires, whether they acknowledge them or not – whether they act on them or not – it’s there in EVERYONE.

And along with that?

EVERYONE has two “selves” in them. I dont mean so much Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, but it shows in our sexualities – some of the most dominant people are SUBMISSIVE (to release that pressure) in the bedroom, and vice versa.

Its all about the mind, my friend – and yours truly – well, I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum as well. Although this “pyschologist and sexologist” (and more! Hee) as I’ve been very rightly called prefers submission – in real life I’m anything but that way (apart from sexuality).

Further, you can be submissive – and LEAD as well!

Point is, it’s not so much the actions you take -those matter, dont get me wrong. If you just talk but do nothing, don’t back it up – or in some cases, dont do what is required to attract what you want into your life – such as not buying the information you need and so forth – then you’re fake in that regard.

But the THOUGHTS behind the actions count, they LEAD to those actions!

While writing Volume Two of the incredibly popular book “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” (shout out to all of you that have got it, including the paperback – LEAVE reviews, please! We’ll showcase them here, and as I keep saying, genuine reviews help everyone ; especially prospective buyer, so please, click that link you get in your email, be PROACTIVE – and leave a review! It’s easy as pie, just put in your thoughts honestly, that is all we want in that regard) – did you know it wasn’t just submissive thoughts I was immersed in?

I was doing THINGS – and duties – galore – for Rachna Ma’am too while writing the book.

It wasn’t always fun, but I was determined to do it (as I am in my servitude) so I did.

That sort of conviction and will power – and desire to DO is what counts in terms of leadership, not empty words many people make.

And yesterday, because of the superlative review (one amongst many) a certain Paula left on Madam Carrie, I had to do what I’ve done so often – kiss her feet!

Except, this time from a distance as the Countess doesn’t like touch too much! Hehe. Which is fine, I have known older ladies like that too – initially.

But anyway ………

She left another great review for Penis Worship – the Compilation – a course that makes me WEAK just thinking about it, and looking at the GORGEOUS DAME on that cover, she’s truly into sucking dick!

She TRULY IS – flip open the book, and you’ll see.

Along with that , here is Paula’s analytical review as always –

Great stuff as always, Countess – THANK YOU!

(truly, the  number of times Madam says Penis in that sexy accent of hers! Muah! EEven without the blue lipstick, hehe… on the BOTTOM lip only! Such a Queen!)

As I just told the lovely Christina – Madam – I’d turn gay for you! Hehe. I so would.

And then, she asked me this.

Something I suspect the Countess knows the answer to already …  Hehe.

On 1/8/2023 5:43 AM, Paula Banda wrote:
> I send you the new one.
> Thanks for the kiss on my feet in the distance.
> I imagined it and I felt “whatever the love is” on my skin.
> And now that I am thinking, I am in a confusion because
> I told you that I am submissive, but it means that I am
> now a dominant. I have two faces, don’t you think?
> Auf Wiedersehen

Yours truly –

Hi Paula,

Thanks for the great comments on “Penis Worship – the Compilation” as always – I especially loved the glint in the eyes (understated, but it’s there!) for the lady “reading the book on her device!” ?Hehe…

With regard to the two faces – it’s something I write about all the time, as you’ve no doubt noticed! We can only be a great submissive once we know how the dominant mind works – for that, we have to “dominate” ourselves i.e walk a mile in the other man’s – or womans – shoes. Same thing for domination, the best Doms and Dominas around often started off as submissives. That is how it is and should be, any other way simply wouldn’t work right in terms of getting into the other person’s mind and finding out what makes them “tick” as it were.

Life, as you know is never black and white -it’s shades of grey. Yin and yang as it were, so enjoy the “two faces”, Countess! Personally, even though you trained as a geisha, I always felt you were STRONG (like you said about me) in that you have limits etc (which should be there for everyone) – sometimes, servitude can be another way of “subtle domination”! Hehe. Just look at countries like India and China for one, so called “traditional countries” where women are supposed to be submissive, the reality is anything but, although it might “appear” to be that way if you get my drift.

Great comments!

And you’re welcome, hehe. I said distance because I know you dont like “touch” too much …


Mike Watson

And thats that.

Truly therapy from yours truly … hehe.

Get Penis Worship – the Compilation NOW – and start worshipping and ATTRACTING, more importantly, lovely cocks like you SO cherish and desire into your life NOW.


Mike Watson (PS – Compilations are super value, YES, we sell them in paperback too!)

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