I wish regal Madam Vicky would kick me … SQUARE IN THE NUTS!!

And as my hands shake thinking about, I mean square!

The balls have THAT one point where it “hurts” the most.

“Tingling numb” sensation, and you ball kickers, kicking afficiandos, and of course the Goddesses that smash them in so well KNOW what I’m talkin gabout!

I can almost feel it right now, right all the way up to my SPINE/

Now, you remember regal Madam Vicky I’m sure. Her of the white high heels, and later she wanted black high heels.

But now, as I recently saw an “update” she posted on her wechat wall, I saw her in the following.

A long dress.

Sexy black BOOTS! Strapped up, business like, and with her daughter … and of course that red nailpolish.

And red lipstick, which really did it!

Brought back memories of THAT movie I wrote about a while ago with the 3 Goddesses, all expert “kickers” and all wearing boots! Even the lady that was over 60 was so gorgeous! 😉

(Some of these “direct to video” flicks are indeed the best, hehe).

Know your place, boy! (my hands are SHIVERING while I type this!)

And right now, as I messaged her, I could predict her response.

“Busy!” I predicted she would say.

So she did. “Busy!”

I sent her a screen shot of my wechat (altered to remove the “zeros” int he account).

“Madam, this is my account righ tnow”, I giggled.

“But if I photoshop it and add the zeros back …” …. “Madam will talk to me!”

And she sent several “laughs” back.

“I knew! Money!”

“Just lik eyou, Goddess! Money, money, money! And any other topic you wouldn’t reply anyway!”

She’s so nice indeed!

And i’d pay her right now to kick me square in the nuts and perhaps squish them too (lightly — outch!) if she wasn’t that “busy” with work.

Halloween, and what not and this lady teaches in a dancing monkey center (although she’s a Chinese teacher, she goes through her fair version of it as well apparently).

And I’d fallright down to the floow in front of her.

Lips on those gorgeous BOOTS!

Then I’d stand up.

Smack! This time with eyes closed, from the BACK!

And I’d lick her boots clean after that!

All the time, she’d laugh at me. That lovely tinkly laugh!

Gigle, giggle, giggle, and she’d put me in my place.

And be SATISIFED at the worm in front of her. Oh BOY!

That vibe, that laugh, that … well, you know!

It’s what makes female domination SO WORTH IT!



PS — Here is where you can read more scintillating tales of Chinese Femdom — Mike Watson’s tales of Chinese Femdom.

PS #2 —Please DO leave a review on EVERY one of your purchases, and please do be HONEST in terms of the reviews! 😉

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