Take her shoes off – and her socks as well!

Dear Reader,

A long time ago, during one of my jaunts to the subcontinent, I came across a roadside cobber mending shoes.

Nothing that unusual in India, of course – but what caught my eye was a pair of large, broad feet clad in socks – light brown “toe” socks – parked right next to the man, who was sitting at “foot” level on the pavement mending shoes.

Those feet – those lovely, broad feet belonged to a lady – a lady who was getting her boots repaired by the cobbler – and a lady who was on the phone at the time, chatting away nineteen to the dozen, large sunglasses blocking out the world in an oh-so-sexy manner … and of course, she was completely oblivious to the cobbler at her feet, or near them!

This was near a school, so she was likely a parent that had come to pick up her kid, I thought. This assertion was proven right later as I walked past the school later, and saw this same imperious dame with a kid – and wearing those same boots that the cobbler was repairing!

And in all of this, the SOCKS stand out in memory, and the contours of that lovely foot, barely, but still, visible through the socks.

I don’t know what it is, or why, but female socks when worn by the right lady have always been an immense turn on for me.

I have mentioned the Indian Goddess I met in the park – and a few other ladies along those lines – and the first thing that comes to mind when I see their tennis shoes is them commanding me to “drop down” and …

Take my shoes off, boy. Quickly! (As I bend to the “unwelcome” task)

I do, and …

The socks too, boy! What the hell are you waiting for? (this said in an even more commanding, loud and imperious manner as the sweaty soles stare me straight in the face!) 😉

And when you think about it, taking her shoes and socks off should actually be a privilege for a male sub – as opposed to a chore!

I’ve mentioned before on my Twitter account that washing her feet after she gets home – and taking her shoes and socks off without being told to do so is one of the highlights of my submissive day, and it is TRUE, my friend.

There is something every so sexy – and ever so demeaning about not just taking the shoes off – but her socks as well, and of course, if she stuffs those socks in your mouth as Goddess Priyanka exulted in doing – well – so much so the better for her – and you! 😉

Takeaway from all this?

Well, simple. Her foot dirt – and dirt in general is meant to be worshipped by you. You worship the ground she walks up – literally – and she’s always too good to either take, or put her own footwear on!

And that, my friend is that for the day. I’m out for a while – I’m going to try and calm this gigantic hard on I’ve got just by thinking about those pair of female feet clad in those lovely brown “toe” socks!


Mike Watson

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