Those innermost hidden desires that EVERYONE Has, yet only the “brave amongst us” truly “indulge in them”, and how!

Dear Reader,

I wrote yesterday about “Serving an Indian Goddess” – already out in Portugese, currently being translated into French – – is now been translated into Spanish as well!

And I just received this review for it –

Hello again Mike,

Responding to your last message I’m interested in the content as it is an issue that is currently frequented among people, the BDSM world and its branches, emerging everyday new ways to satiate and satisfy everyone’s inner and most intimate desires. Still not to be open and widely shared with anyone as there’s yet taboos and prejudices about this sort of trends and likes.

So delving into contents of this matter is a good way for me to learn, integrate, and spread out a little bit on them. And so is, anyone else who will read the spanish version of the book.

By the way, I just submitted the first ten pages of your book for your revision, feedback and approval. Looks phenomenal so far!

Thanks, my friend – that is a phenomenal REVIEW as well from many standpoints!

First, yes, this – or any of my other erotica books are a great, great way to learn about fetish in a fun and sane manner!

Second, of course, you’ve got the manuals – which tackle fetish from a “how to standpoint”.

So, truly something for everyone here!!

Some of it from an “story” standpoint, some purely a practical standpoint – but they’re both great educators, and both work!

Truly in the flow, truly from the heart, and truly – EDUCATIONAL AS WELL!

But the most important part?

We all have those innermost desires, my friend.

Either life, or sexually, or otherwise.

How many of us really ADDRESS THEM or acknowledge them?

How many of us really pay attention to our MOST innermost “hidden and secret” desires?

How many of us really DO what we WANT in life – and not live the script someone else has set out for us?

How many of us really understand the fact that you’ll NEVER escape what you truly want – even if you try not to acknowledge it, it will chase you!!!!!

“Still not to be open and widely shared with anyone as there’s yet taboos and prejudices about this sort of trends and likes.”

(regardless of the above – the last question!)

Money, relationships, life, this last bit holds true!

Hence the part about attracting femdom to me like MOTHS to a flame, my friend.

And that , and other tips mentioned in the book on it – which you SHOULD get now.

But anyway, my response to Sergio –

Hi Sergio Thanks for sending this over – looks great, and the page breaks, table of contents – all looks great!

Please continue – I look forward to receiving the final translation. And, thanks as well for sending your thoughts over – yes, everyone has those inner most desires – its only the “brave amongst us” that “dare” to … as you know indulge int hem!

Which I highly recommend, because (and as you’ll see in the book) if you really want something, you can never outrun it – it will chase you even if you dont “consciously want it!” .

Thank you again, I look forward to receiving the final translated version. Best, Mike

And that, my friend is that.

You’ll want to pick up the outstanding book HERE.

And, leave a review, and let me know. I’ll make sure you get an extra 10% off your next purchase!


Mike Watson

PS – I’ll apprise y’all when the Spanish version is out!

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