The three Korean ladies in my dreams last night…

There were three of them!

And I remember “an old man” with flabby man tits, and puffy nipples getting up from the bed after they were done with him, giggling way to glory – he was exhausted!

I dont know what they did to him – but it reminded me of all the times I’ve been to KTVs etc in China – with women around me, sometimes feeding me drinks etc – sometimes snacks – sort of like geisha girls in Japan.

They’re supposed to be “submissive” – and they have a Korean equivalent too – in reality, they’re anything BUT submissive.

Sure, they serve, but they have limits, and they aren’t shy about making them known – and for a lot of these girls anything sexual is OFF the plate.

That said, making men squirm in unfulfiled lust and pleasure – to amuse them?

Hehe – like yours truly?

They’re usually up for that – no pun intended, if you approach it right!

Girls in general usually are, they find it hilarious, so they should!

Maybe its been three years since I had a proper orgasm? Certainly sex, hehe.

I dont know, maybe thats why three girls showed up – now my KTV experiences in China have NOT been detailed in Sin City Diaries – until now.

Maybe Volume 4 onwards they will be!

But I need your feedback, my friend.

Way too many of you are on silent mode, and not sending in reviews, not telling me which product you’ll want next – in fact, some of you have neglected to place your pre-order for Sissy Workouts as well despite emailing me about it!

Remiss, my friend – rectify NOW – both in terms of feed back and everything else.

Look, we need your support to keep giving you the best, sexiest and most erotic out there as you deserve…

And on that note, the dream was so nice, I didnt want to wake up as usual!

And I thought of the two Indian ladies I write about so much – the maid that sits in the park. Last afternoon, I passed VERY close to Madam’s feet, she was cleaning them with some disinfectant, muah – and the Indian maid with the DARK STRONG FOREARMS that works in my house.

I haven’t seen the latter for ages, but she can feel me, so can I.


When I saw her a week or so ago, the way she reacted, I could tell!

But anyway – thoughts transmute – and in case THIS one hasn’t – I’ll tell you here.

Nipples, and female fingers – or male on female – open the doors to BLISS like you’ve never felt before, my friend – trust me.

Nipples literally ADAPT with time, meaning the slightest touch not only sends you in frenzies of sheer and utter LUST AND ECSTASY – but it does so MORE x 10 – if you keep at it, and if you keep training them the way I teach you in Nipplegasm Central. 

And the best part, girls usually dont mind flicking, playing, tweaking – think about it, they dont even need to undress etc, and some find it hilarious, and it looks hilarious too, think about it, flickin and more (your nipples) and you moaning away like the old man in the dream.

They’re a GREAT way to humiliate and control your sub too, ladies – control his nipples, control HIM is a TRUISM!

This book is truly one you not just OWE it to yourself to get. You DESERVE IT, my friend – so drop all you’re doing right, and get this book NOW – its truly that damn good!

I’ll be back.


Mike Watson

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