Anne Ma’am…

Anne, I’m sure you guys on this list remember HER!

“Why you never enter me!” she’d often ask, then she’d giggle about “why dont you buy condoms!”

Ma’am, little did you know!

Our communication issues caused the breakup of what could have been one of the sexiest relationships ever – both people well and truly into each other – but it’s also a SAGE-ess example of why communication rules the nation, and is always numero UNO!

Much like Madam is. Hehe.

But really, it was nothing else other than the lack of communication which frustrated me, for her, it was probably the first time with someone who “talked that much!”

That I do, Ma’am!

But I also press your feet so much, I still remember you sleeping till 12 noon! Hehe (as I exercised for hours outside climbing hills).


And, lessons to be learned for both of us.

Anyway, why do I bring this up again?

Well, this Queen I saw yesterday reminds me SO of Anne, especially those feet, and the sneer to the face!

The knowing eyes, all of it – or Miss V, perhaps!

And the first thing I remembered was Anne.

While I talked a lot while massaging her legs and feet, I still remember her relaxing (and remember, she did NOT massage me after the first day, hehe – but I did it for her always, and so I should!!) …

… I never really talked about COCK!

And Ma’am, I so hope your current husband has a long penis!

Same thing for the Goddess I saw yesterday, I can feel her sneering at me, smacking me around – back of the head!! – and the FEET – soles – talking to me as Madam is “wondrous” at the POWER, the sheer POWER she holds over me with her DOMINANT attitude – and the eyes, feet, all of it, but the mind is the most important, always is, so is TALK – I keep on repeating this lesson in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland“, and yes, this book works to attract femdom of ANY nature, from ANYWHERE.

In fact, you could just as easily use it to attract GOALS to you.

On auto pilot…

Anyway, as I remember Madam Anne, I’d SO love to ask her about her husband’s penis…

And if he satisfies her, that is enough for me!

Actually not.

I’d lick her all day and deny myself, and massage her, do the housework, all of it!

Like Madam Su so confidently “learnt to say” …


And she does!

Paye Lagu, Madam! Youre the best. muah xoxoxo. ???


Mike Watson

PS – I often had conversations about Garima Ma’am’ lovers cocks – while she snickered away. One of the most brutally dominant Indian ladies ever – be sure and pick up “Garima Madam’s bitch” – and “Garima Madam- the Prequel” in that order! (maybe someday I will finish the Sequel on this Queen too, hehe).

PS #2 – OK, I knew there was something I was forgetting!

While the book on the Anne above is NOT out as yet – Serving Ann – another delightfully dominating Chinese woman – IS. Grab it NOW.

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