Her feet should always be pedicured!

So I’ll depart from the slave conditioning tips for this post – – and talk about something that should be at the top of (or near to it, anyway) every slave’s “to do list” – – and that being, to take care of, pamper and worship his Mistress’s feet as if they were precious gems – – which they are, of course! 😉

Last night on the way back from my workouts I saw plenty of women.

Some old, some young – some tall, some short – some a bit overweight, and others in shape.

And though these characteristics differed – the one thing that did NOT is this – their feet were all impeccably pedicured – and in perfect, tip top shape – the nails painted a ever so delicious color!. 

Some had them painted light blue – others green – and a certain young lady had hers painted ORANGE – which contrasted so wonderfully with her dark olive skin.

And the feet were just calling out to be kissed – and worshipped – along with the ankles, soles, and footwear themselves, of course! 😉

And this brings me to one central point.

Life gets busy a lot of times – even if you’re in a 24/7 (or as close to it as you can get) D/s relationship – and it isn’t always possible for the slave (or submissive) to correctly and completely perform all of his (or her 😉 ) duties – on time, at that.

But certain core duties remain that need to be done NO MATTER WHAT – and one of those, of course is the nightly – and “wake up” – foot massage that I mentioned in an earlier post.

And the other is this – to take care of her feet – no matter what!

A lady’s feet are of prime importance to her in terms of her overall confidence – both in terms of looks – and how she feels about “stepping out” into the world.

I don’t know a single lady that has told me that foot care isn’t important – and I don’t know a single lady that actually prefers cracked heels – or calloused soles – or anything of that nature – and rightfully so!

And for a slave, one of the MAIN tasks should be to make sure that the feet are always soft, pedicured and looking great – – with the nailpolish always impeccably maintained at all times. 

A foot that she would be PROUD of – a foot that she feels confident about in terms of stepping out without worrying about “what footwear to wear to hide her feet” – – and a foot that she’s uber confident about, of course, of putting on a slave’s face …

A long time ago I read about a very interesting “to do” list for male subs that were into “sissy” and other related play scenarios.

And one of the main rules was this –

A sissy should always have his toes painted – and feet pedicured – just like a real lady. Sure, the fingers may or may not be always groomed – after all, the sissy is washing dishes, doing housework, household chores etc – but the FEET should always be well maintained – and the toenails impeccably painted – to remind “her” of her true status all the time! 

And if you’re a sub serving your lady, the same thing holds true.

Take care of her feet – and make sure you pay attention to them DAILY – if not multiple times daily. They’re precious gems, and should be treated with reverence, care, and attention as gems deserve to be!

I’ve spoken a lot about paying attention to her feet in blog posts of old, and also my pathbreaking “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland” – and with good reason.

It’s not only one of the quickest ways to a “Domme’s heart” – but it’s also one of the quickest ways to ramp up YOUR submissive vibe – with results accordingly as well!

Ok, so thats it for this post.

I’ll be back again later!


Mike Watson

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