The stick of gum that got stuck to my GUM, and … Hehe.

Oddly enough, my friend, I was thinking of gum – and the “lips down there”.

And NOT the one cucks never get, hehe.

The one … which is and looks (but tastes, and smells) SO different for both men and women, the one … well, whom doing it for manly men is such a turn on and humiliating, and the same x 10 – always – for women!

And either making me do it to the other. Su Ma’am would know more on this – as would the ladies in Cuckold Compilations!

Anyway, my friend … isn’t it funny how we often think “should we say this” – then dont – then it perhaps comes up anyway?

Writing is the same x 1000! I was thinking of writing this, didnt, and then …

… now I am, after -this might be “TMI” – but “bear” with me – taking a dump!

During which a stick of gum I was chewing got stuck to the side of my gum – – which I couldn’t pry loose with my tongue – insanely talented though that tongue is in all regards, hehe – so I did it with my finger. I had to!

Anyway – before that, I was thinking about how a woman, I believe “Rachna Ma’am” recently commanded me to teach someone else ” how to blow gum!”

now, I dont know how to do it, but I taught the young lady the basics which I do know. Hehe. Its an art, it seems!

But whats really an art?

Well, Gwen’s Ma’am’s perfect asshole – or anyone’s for that matter – blowing a bubble out of their ass!

Is that even possible?

I dont know, but since so many other things we think are not … are … well, why not this. Hehe.

What a turn on – and it WOULD stick!

It would feel great for her – and him!

And cuck gets the job of prying it apart with tongue, obviously never any fingers or hands allowed there, hehe.

The pink color most bubblegums have doesnt hurt. Hehe.


Ass – blowing things?

Or SPLATTERING THINGS – out at you, cuck?

Well, Pooja Memsahib for one would be best suited to tell you that!

Or, perhaps the stud who once made a cuck eat chocolate out of his ass – literally.

What a turn on it was, I wrote about it, I still remember the scene, he put a stick of chocolate in, then out it came… and the slave of course happily lapped it up.

Thats how it should be!

And asses just lend themselves to SO many different ways of worship, the imagination, much like with femdom itself is the only “limit” – if it is indeed a limit!

And that bubblegum would taste so good on cock as well, I guess? Heheh….

Anyway, minty blowjobs aside – ass worship?

THIS here is the definitive manual for it …

And I’ll be back!



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