Up your “ruined” or even VANILLA – game, BOY!

In came a great 5 star review from Amanda, or Eva as the case might be for “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE! – and have him salivating for MORE!”.

There are tips in this book for anyone looking to ‘up’ their game.

April 13, 2023 

Even if you’re not looking to engage in a ‘ruined orgasm’ there are some great tips for satisfying your partner (or yourself depending on who is reading!) Mike is so candid in his stories and shares personal details that not everyone would which just makes his writing all the more genuine!

So true, Amanda, So true!

This is what others have said too – for instance, Libby Fine –

This book is definitely an open-minded take on a different sexual experience, and a true eye-opener!

February 27, 2023

First of all, I have to say this book is a VERY engaging read. I myself, am on the very “vanilla” side of intimacy, but when reading Mr. Watson’s book, I was able to immerse myself in “another world” so-to-speak. His writing makes you feel very comfortable while gaining knowledge/factual information. Some parts were comical, as I imagine is just the author’s personality shining through the pages.

And That’s so true too!

SO, personal details revealed, yes, as it should be so YOU can feel more comfortable, connect (no pun) and benefit.

More importantly, this book is NOT just for those into BDSM – it’s for everyone looking to spice/jazz up their sex lives as the above two reviews say – and most importantly, it can be done on your loneseome – along with Nipplegasm Central and Sissygam Central, two more course which bring you to bliss like NEVER Before my friend (and no, these books are not just for submissive males, they’re for dominant males and submissive males/females too!).

something for everyone here, as it were, and all purposes – grab these books NOW!





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