I so wish Gwen Ma’am would put one foot on my shoulder and another …

… in my LAP, while Madam relaxes!

Thats actually reality in many parts of the world – unfortunately for the people doing it. From a fetish standpoint, of course, it’s another ingenious way to put your SERVANT in his place – truly!

Ms Priyanka often did this (truly femdom from the heart, and another “so” natural it still is Madam ji!) – curiously enough, her namesake Priyanka Chopra just thinking of both women makes me SHIVER with lust, hehe, which as I replied to a meme about staying chaste this November, thats always for me!! i.e UNFULFILED, hehe – so it should be!) – well, the movie “The White Tiger” shows a cranky employer doing just that to his servant.

I wrote about it before, I believe?

The book, of course is far better as is the case with movies made on books, but the movie, I dont know, I haven’t seen it, maybe someday, but I’ve seen the scenes that “matter” as it were. Hehe. If you get my drift!

That employer SINKING Down into a sofa … “tired” (after a day of doing “F all” – hehe) … and SLAMMING one foot down on a servant squatting in one of the most servile positions possible – which is also one of the best things you can do for your lower back (just ask my fitness friend, hehe – or check out the upcoming Sissy Workouts for more…) – and (before summing him imperiously like a child, or something) (often these servants are older, which makes it even sexier!) …

… and then slamming the other down in his lap. In the movie Master’s other foot was put in warm water while the servant – or slave, depending upon how you look it, kept rubbing, literally for hours.

Occasionally, he’d be reminded that the “water went cold” by a smack to the back of the head from Master, one of the most humiliating things ever, let me tell you!

The BACK of the head…

Isn’t the back always so important? Ass – even fitness wise, training the BACK of the body is the most important!

Anyway …

Looking at this Goddes, perfect doesnt even begin to cut it – does it?

Thats Gwen Ma’am I so simped to – and wrote about – and she was happy for the entertainment I gave her “for free” in a job which was otherwise mostly mundane and boring (but her mind, so LOVELY! The best thing, even better than that perfect ass and even more perfect soles MADE FOR SLAPPING!). Hehe.

I wrote about her here… And probably elsewhere too!

And she, my friend, she is the one that came to mind as I was thinking that perfect pose – which I really should put, along with a host of others in “Profound Poses – Volume Two”.

Thats another book “in the works”, for now, remember, if you want to get – YOUR FILL of some of the BY FAR MORE EROTIC poses ever … well, Profound Poses – Volume One is your “baby” – pun intended, maybe not.

Really, that book should be every femdom lover’s library, if just for a pick me up (like nothing you’ve ever read or seen before) book!

(along with probably Penis Central).

Anyway, my friend, I gotta go SIMP a bit more …

And I’ll be back.




Edit – I SO want to just .. kiss Gwen Ma’am’s asshole, and say thank you … if just … well, just to do it!

So should all of YOU reading this!

Not because she’s that gorgeous – yes, she is. But because … well, she “is” and thats all I’m going to say!

I hope Maam’s hemorrehoids are better, I still remember the babbling post I sent her about “Ma’am, I’ll apply the cream for you!

And I so would, and thank her for it!

“I’d so humiliate you if you were here” – I still remember her saying, she’d treat me like a REAL cuck. So she should! Heh.

(she said she’d slap me around, if I recall right. Again, so Madam should. Hehe).

Anyway …

hemorrehoid worship isn’t part of Ass Worship 101, but the verbal always is!

And to learn more, get the book – truly one more of those “once in a lifetime” books femdom wise (though I’ve got Vol #2 planned already).

So much to do. So little time, like my tiny (not really, hehe).

PS #2 – Another GREAT way to humiliate – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/2022/10/11/enjoying-whipping-that-slave/

Humiliation Central has MORE!

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