“La Central del Sissygasmo”, across cultures, languages – – and MORE!

Our great book, possibly one of our best ever “Sissy-gasm Central” and certainly a one of a kind book, certainly the ONLY one of it’s kind out there – a reader is currently translating it into Spanish!

And I gotta say, all my translators – the DEDICATION to their work and craft, I truly admire it!

And Joaquin (the person translating this book) is NO different. I could explain more, but … several insights from him into the book already, and we’re only at like 14 pages!

Mike, How are you? I made some comments, hope you can see them. There is still time to make changes, maybe after I complete part of the translation I can see which translations make more sense. My big concerns are related to gender use, mainly, how you identify yourself in some cases and how to identify “sissys”. So far I assumed it was feminine, in most cases. Another comment on the “sissy” word is that I decided to stick to it since the word itself in Spanish varies a lot in different countries, and it is quite similar to the “f” word in English. Therefore, I decided to keep it as it is.


Certainly interesting what he asked, and upon viewing the doc he sent over I saw he asked a lot more.

Here goeth –

Hi Joaquin!

Thanks for the first 10 (or more, actually) pages on this one – I’m doing fine, and I hope you are too – and I’m doing and feeling even better after reviewing your nigh superlative work thus far on this!

Truly awesome work thus far my friend – I love the attention to detail you’ve paid to the book and the way you’ve “annotated” your questions etc in the sidelines …

First off, the title of the book as you mention it i.e. “La Central del Sissygasmo” is perfectly fine!

Second, and as far as how I use the word “sissy” – or identify myself – or the word in general? YES, you’re right – mostly a feminine drift, but a feminine “male” if you get my drift i.e. a biological male who is feminine in all other regards. I’m sure some sissies take it further and venture into “trans” if you get my drift territory – but that is basically how sissies are identified, and how, I suspect, any true sissy would identify himself – or, should I say HERSELF. Hehe.

“Sticking”, pun intended to the “sissy” word is perfectly fine – it’s a word most will understand “across cultures and languages” (hopefully, at least) …

Wrt the rest of what you asked, I believe you can translate the word femdom, but if you feel its better “as is”, then that is fine too – completely up to you on that front.

“Subbie” – keep it “as is” as it were i.e neutral … Subby hubby, hehe.

“Follar” – I believe your translation is right. Hehe. “Fuck” is what it is!

W.r.t. this – – “kink” o “fetichista”, which sounds more like “visit our fetish counselling page”, since there is no literal translation for “kink”. – keeping it as “fetichista” is fine, I believe… And this – una o la? the real sissy – most certainly, Sir! (no puns there. Hehe).

I must admit, I did not know if you were male or female until I checked your profile, now I know. Anyway – great job Joaquin! And if you were to ask me how yours truly (me) identifies in general?

As a great lady, and a legend in BDSM “Irene Boss” once put it “kinky bottom”. THAT is probably the best descriptor of them all in terms of how I personally identify!

Anyway – keep up the great work – – I look forward to receiving the final translation. Thanks again!

Best, Mike Watson

And that – my friend is that – a brief, or not so brief conversation I thought all of y’all would not just enjoy, but identify with.

I should also point him to Sissy Central!  (which of course, much like most of the above truly CUTS across all languages, cultures, cultural barriers, divides and much, much more!)…

Back soon.


Mike Watson

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