She literally made my blood run HOT in my veins!


Mistress – PLEASE!


Master PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And other things that happen when you’re horny as hell as a man – or a woman – or a sissy.

You literally shake, shiver, and QUIVER with lust.

Doesnt matter if you’re looking at penis, or legs, or soles – or whatever your thang is, or if its just the LOOK in the eye that SO DOES IT!

It makes you WEAK – it drives you INSANE – like I am right now – it makes you want to FIND MORE!

And all of this, so perfectly encpasulated in Paula Rendon’s review (both as a translator and reader) for Krystal – the Teaching Assistant – Volume Two. 

here it is – Enjoy!

Hello, dear readers of Mike Watson!

I am Paula Banda Rendón, a Mexican translator who works for Mike. My editor asked me the
“why” of choosing Krystal-the teaching assistant 2 to translate.

Here’s my way of thinking:

I am a Primary, Secondary, High School, University and Master’s Teacher, with students 1 in 1. That
is, in my classroom there is only one student and one Teacher. That’s why I thought of choosing
the book. I wanted to know my editor’s point of view regarding teaching in China, but I was also
curious about his experiences in that country and with the kind of women that drive him crazy.

Fetishism as such was unknown to me, until translating Mike’s point of view. It seems to me a
book that has a lot to say about a love relationship and how a man is capable of adapting to such a
life, just because of the love he has for dominant women.

Of course it is known that a dominant woman, makes a man alive. She makes the blood run
through his body and his desire is focused on the beloved female.

Translating for Mike is a great adventure since his narrative is true, entertaining, funny, illustrative
and I recommend it to any reader from all over the world.

Much success in your career Mike!, with all my heart.

Congratulations! And thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about you and for giving
me your books to translate.

With affection!, Paula.
Translator of the Publishing House “Spicy and Erotic Fetish”

Yours truly –

Thanks for the review Paula! Yes, I do indeed have a lot to say – both in my emails and my writings – but I try and keep it real, BRUTALLY honest – and all true – even if that means sending 60 plus emails a day sometimes to my list (no kidding hehe).

And she’s right – that book is a great, great example of the farce that is ESL in the country – the foreign devils that USED to pre-2020 get paid big bucks to teach it (if you can call that nonsense teaching, it’s basically singing “ABC” in front of a bunch of disinterested kids or adults who “top from the bottom” in that they try and teach you how to teach English – the most ridiculous thing ever – for some reason although you dont try and tell your swimming coach or martial arts instructor or whoever “how to teach” – in ESL “we pay so we know” – then they dont learn – and they complain again – and all along it was a farce, the Chinese were never really interested in learning English anyway…) …

… ah, but I digress – and the book will tell you more on that – and it incorporates fetish into it too!

It’s a TRUE story for the most part too – except some of the “brutal” parts. Hehe.

Krystal is a very real person! So is the white skirt, so is what happened the first day in class – interesting indeed!

And, how the tale ends, Madam Sugar etc – YES, I did indeed get “canned” from that job (not that I cared, and it wasn’t due to fetish, hehe – actually I QUIT on my lonesome, but thats OK, hehe).

And thanks for the best wishes Paula – much appreciated!! Glad to work with you as well.

She is a GREAT translator, does her job superbly well, just got done translating Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume One – and she is easy to work with – can’t ask for more!

Oh, and what she says about “desire” making a man alive – that would apply equally to women – and submissives – and dominants – from their point of view.

Fetish and sex in general I believe is one of those things that never goes out of fashion as you can tell from my daily emails, and … well, the RAGING lust I write about – Paula has picked up on it too, and she’s right!

Yes, the D/S lifestyle might be somewhat strange for some (from the outside). YES, even for those of us DEEPLY into it – you might say that when it’s TRULY her way or the highway (i.e. when you’re exhausted and do NOT want to massage her, do the dishes etc, but have to, and not force – but “convince” yourself to like it – and succeed) … but if you like the girl (or man) – and if she drives you insane with LUST (as it usually starts) ; well the SKY is the limit! 

She used a great word “illustrative”. I’ve always believed in painting word pictures with my words – we think in pictures, and the more you can do that, the more people LOVE your books. (especially when it comes to erotica) and such.

Fun, entertaining, informative – all true too!

Not to mention, a cute little point she’s mentioned “with the kind of women that drive him crazy”.

In  other words, she wants to know my MIND better – is it any surprise we’ve hit it off so well? Hehe.

I still remember, when a certain 19 year old Alexa bought “Owned by Madam Aa Ling“, those were her exact words.

“I want to see how your mind works!”

And she did. Hehe.

Well, my friend, wanted to share that one with you.

I’ll be back soon!



P.S – This book is a great read – get it NOW.

PS #2 – Not to mention, Paula is one SMART LADY! One on one works FAR better, pays far better too – and I did a lot of that too in China, still sometimes (somewhat) do it. SPOT ON, Paula!

I wish I could say “Paye Lagu”, but thats not appropriate for now. Hehe.

PPS – As for the “why” she chose this book, well, I have to admit I did not ask directly, but I Was certainly curious in terms of how she chose. This is one intelligent lady – thank you, Paula!

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