Perfect Mistress Lucy, and her many, many MEN!

I so love talking to her about them, and I’ve been thinking about her a while.

Madam has been busy. SO, I haven’t had the chance to send her picture of hot men with their cocks and balls flopping around, those sexy six packs on full view, and the lovely round pert asses, the smooth asses, just the right size!

And of course, the treasure within.

“how are you”

I got a message from her yesterday.

And she’s so nice!

I wanted to tell her all this, but didnt.

Which is another cardinal rule of femdom i.e. try and NOT talk about sex all day long, boy!

Or, even sex she likes.

True cucks don’t like or want sex, remember?

But true cucks and soulmates know when SHE is horny and wants it, and then do everything they can to facilitate it!

Anyway, perfect Mistress Ivy Bao that I wrote about.

I’ve never had any sort of sex with these two girls other than jerking off myself.

The best compliment you can pay a woman, as perfect Mistress Sadie rightly once told us salivating admirers in her group!

But if I were to?

Legs up, my cock in her – after I licked her ass for hours, one leg up, me holding it up ?

I’d talk about OTHER MEN!

While nibbling on her ear, while whispering in it …


And I’d be right to do it – not just to turn her on.

But also to keep my cuck cock hard, which is only hard when talking about other men’s dangling cocks and balls, and how they stay hard for her, to satisfy her, and so forth!

Oddly enough thats the only way mine would ever satisfy her!


It’s all about her!

Ever notice how women happily flirt with married men but when the reverse happens, men are “philanderers” or that women excuse it when other women cheat, but not men?

Well … !

What can I say!

It’s not fair, and from a certain standpoint not right.

But, she’s always right!!!!!! 😉

And that, my friend is the cardinal TOME right there everyone ignores, and then complains about not being able to find true femdom.

I’m out.

Back soon.


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the tome on understanding a dominant woman’s mindset HERE. And then get to work, DOING. Just reading won’t cut it bro. You have to read – assimilate – then DO – and THEN you’ll attract femdom to yourself like moths to a flame on auto pilot!

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