Cum – VS – Pre-cum – His load – or her spit?


And more!

“Cocktail”, as a certain Lady just answered!

I can just hear the giggle, and SEE the look in her eyes, that evil SEXY look!

(which does it, of course).

“Come find out how deep it goes!’

Ma’am, in my stomach, I kept saying – and thinking, as I looked at picture of my own load – in pants, hehe – and HIS penis, magnificent, smooth, sexy and LONG!


Master MALONE!

But anyway – one observation first.

The skin on a woman’s thigh is always the softest.

But for a man, if you were to ask?

I’d say on his penis, his dong!

That satiny smooth skin, oh MY!

Long cocks – DANGLING! 


Hard, velvet glove, iron hand, so out of control, new meaning you get my drift!

Anyway, it got me thinking – her load or his, hehe – and HER spit? Or his too?

All so sexy!

Mixture – yes, that too!

Both salty – both voluminous, I might take cum if simply for his moans of pleasure, but my wife moans so too, and then spits in my eye so naturally!

And precum?

(when Isee that dong, I’m always WANTING TO PULL his pants down, UNFETTER HIS DONG!)

Understated, but if you blow him right, you’ll taste it VERY quickly indeed!

It’s always good to blow him FIRST.

He’ll last even longer for her the next time!

And, he’ll let you lick his balls, worship his asshole – all of that – even more!

From a BLAST standpoint though – which one is the best?

As a certain Rachel 0r Michelle, what have you – so rightly said – Cocktail!


Cock, in sissy tail is what it ALWAYS boils down to.

And to get SEXUAL BLISS like NEVER EVER BEFORE, UNENDING PLEASURE AND SATISFACTION that will bring every NERVE of your body alive – get on the tips and techniques HERE.

And that, my friend is that.

All so SEXY!


Mike Watson

PS – What I keep asking my wife … HERE!

PS #2 In the movie, the Specialist – Sharon Stone, whose feet I always wanted to kiss! (soleS!) Such a GODDESS, even at that age! – said this.

“I never knew blood could be that sticky”.

And cum too, Ma’am! ????????

As a certain lady Ann once told me (middle aged lady) –
“Oh, its so HARD for us!” ( she was referring to “not being able to chat with me” – long story).
But that smell of CUM!
Oh, that BLEACHY MANLY CUM SMELL, oh, it’s so HARD, that DONG!
She might have well said THAT ! Hehe.

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