Being served a platter of her SHIT, and drinking the water with which you washed her FEET!

As I wrote about on the other site, I thought only (when it came to Indian women, and those I’ve been with -a lot admittedly!) – Pooja Memsahib JI! and Garima Madam JI! were the TRUE vixens that took femdom and findom and BLACKMAIL To never heard of levels, but I gotta say – my current S.O. is doing a great job at it!

The more Korean soap operas she watches, the bitchier she gets.

From a femdom standpoint, I just love it!

And I wrote about that HERE – check out the post – you’ll understand why.

(need any more proof of CHINESE ladies being the most dominant – well – you got it right there!).

But really, Indian ladies can be just as dominant, and those Indian and Pakistan soap operas are even better, I think.

Sometimes I wonder why my SO wants to be something she’s “not” -maybe the grass is always greener?

Or, maybe because of Watson’s love for Chinese femdom, hehe. Like I said – I do it on auto pilot, and even women not into the Chinese style of femdom get drawn into it – OF THEIR OWN ACCORD as it should be!

But anyway, years ago I believe (or maybe last year in one of the books) I wrote about a true incident in the Indian subcontinent – one of those caste related issues – that I so HATE and do NOT support.

Caste, and other BULLSHIT attitudes and reasons are why India is just slipping further down the path in real life, and is looking anything BUT ready to reclaim its former glory way back in the day when it truly was the jewel in the Crown.

Pity, really, for a country with great, great potential!

And a reason why many “talk about India”, “like it” – but never LIVE there. Hehe.

But the women of course – are Goddesses as anywhere else!

Anyway, a lower caste guy apparently drank water from a well belonging to an upper caste person, and for this, he was punished publicly by BEING MADE to eat a plate of the upper caste man’s shit – perfectly formed too (it was in the papers!).

Just terrible, but this sort of thing still happens in the subcontinent, and is ROUTINE.

But remember!

Pooja Memsahib and what she put me through – and perhaps you understand why now!

and as I sit here, after cleaning my SO’s lovely asshole (she just went – her turds aren’t perfectly formed like Pooja’s or Dana’s, but she’s still a Goddess – and again – read post I referred to above!) – I gotta think about Pooja, and that plate of her DUMP which I had to stare at, worship, and which I came in – and cleaned up later!

Yet another way though in which Ms Priyanka humiliated me was making me drink the water with which I washed her feet, and her rank socks – and many other things!

It would often have crud, dirt, SEMEN – whatever she desired – floating on it!

And I’d drink it, like the abject chattel she turned me into, and I so loved!

There’s something so deliciously “turn on” and dominant about the above two scenarios, both – literally – treating the lowest part of their bodies, and their waste as SHRINES!

Wasn’t for no reason perfect MIstress Sadie called her Yahoo! group “Mistress Sadie’s shrine“.

Or something like that…

I’m out.

Back soon!



PS – Debase, and DEBAUCHE – pick up the TWO Volumes (Pooja Memsahib ..JI!) right HERE. TRULY BLASE, DEBASE – and THEN SOME!!!

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