Why I so love unfettering DONGS!

I’ve been writing on the site about some lovely penises I’ve been seeing as of late, my friend.

Calling it a penis, and not a dong?

Sometimes penis is so sexy — the word!

Everything associated with long lovely cocks is sexy, of course!

Anyway, starting right from a findomina’s lover’s LONG -and it’s LONG! -black cock, with the head cut, so lovely the shape! … and a cock ring too …

.. to the cock I’ve been DREAMING about, that I just spoke to perfect Madam Dani about … lovely BANANA shaped member, like that one black dick I so love and remember, curved UPWARDS — hitting all the right spots … and PROUDLY erect in front of me, my nose, as he fucked my mouth, his balls furiously bashing my CHIN … and that final cumload was so much, so heavy, even I could barely guzzle it!

Some of it dripped off the top of my nose as his lovely black dong, still erect, my oh my, I’m almost sissy cumming typing his … stared me int he EYE!

As did his Madam, or mine, depending upon how you look at it.

“That is going to be a BIG part of your sex life from here on it, boy!”

And it was!

The member I’ve been drooling and dreaming about, of course, is in another chick’s mouth, and it’s another one of those banana shaped cocks, I believe a Portugese dong, I’m not sure, but I think so!

I so want to share it with Madam!

“It feel so good in my throat!”

Yes, Ma’am, it does!

I’d just lick his balls with her, and kiss her, feel close to her after that, it’s so nice, you sissies know this!

And the last cock?

POKING out of blue jeans, magnificent and CURVED upwards, balancing a donut on it!

I referred to it as a donut dong, and kissed the screen instinctively when I saw it!

so wanted to unbuckle, unfetter that magnificent DONG!

And donuts?

I Dont like them, really.

Too sugary, too … I dont know, unhealthy?

But I’d eat that one in an instant!

Glazed donuts, glazed with cum from that lovely COCK!


I dont know, cocks, just looking at them, they make me feel so feminine, just talking to women does it too!

I love the feeling.

Embracing my feminine side, feeling so feminine when talking to her, when talking COCKS, her lovers, with NO expectation of sex from me … SO NICE, so liberating, Ma’am!!!!!!!

Down, boy. Know your PLACE, boy!

And they’re always ABOVE ME!

Both the cocks, and the women.

Like I say, it’s a natural progression.

Cocks and feet, boy, cocks and feet!

From submission to feet to COCK …

And its all so natural, so nice!

And anyway, back to unfettering?

Dicks … that moment, especially the LONG ones, when they’re hard, the bulge is there, you finally pull the underwear down, and it BOUNCES out!

Free and unfettered, like real men and their WEAPONS SHOUL DBE!

Garima Madam’s Bitch, by Mike Watson. Truly one of those gems amongst all the rabble, a diamond in the rough, like all our stories — or real life, depending on how you see it — are!

I remember Jerome’s literally smacking me, so horny would he be on occasion!

And just the anticipation building, that massive SWORD sheathed, taking his underwear down, wanting to sniff it, shaking the dick loose off the pubes, you sissies know what I mean!

It’s so nice, getting in touch with your womanly side, and cock worship does that for you in a better manner than anything else could!

Every time I see a loose cock and balls dangling, especially long ones, I just want to kiss the head, and, well, you know!

Best part?

Them pleasing “your” woman!

And you sucking them off, like I often did with Garima Madam, post coitus …

Anyway …

Enough on that! GIVE in to your natural desires, friend.

I’m writing this to you because way too few guys do.

Bring it up with her in a sensible, sane manner described in Cuck Central, or “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” — YEs, works for all ladies and all men! — and she might not just be open to it, she might be very amenable to it!

And trust me, if there are three courses I could recommend to you right NOW to embrace that feminine side and experience LIFE and exhilaration like never before?

First, Sissy Central— so popular even the PAPERBACKS BE running out.

Second, Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, truly the lifechanging book it is!

And third, Nipplegasm Central, nipples and the more you get into them, so nice, they SEAR her dominance on to you more (just a flick of the nipples, you’re HERS!) … and they feel so feminine!

And of course, Sissygasm Central.

Get to it NOW i.e. get the books above NOW if you have not already.

If you have leave some reviews, so I can send you a 10% discount code for your NEXT buy.

All for now!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS — If, like a certain Bozo Schofield in Brum and plenty of others, you’re into “being outed” — well, wait no more, my friend. The premier site on fetish and femdom has a section just for YOU ….

Apply NOW.


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