Washing her feet regularly

Dear Reader,

Something I’ve written about extensively in my books is foot massages (as well as other styles of massages) that I’ve experienced during my stay in China.

And while I’ve waxed lyrical about the physical pain some of these masseuses can inflict (and you’d be surprised at how much that seemingly innocuous prodding and poking can HURT if done RIGHT!). I’m not a lightweight by any standard when compared to some of these girls – but I’ve screamed out loud in agony many a times while being massaged, I’ll tell you that!

While they all giggled at this for the most part (the “strong” foreign devil in so much pain from a simple Chinese style massage) Wu Xiao Lin, one of the ladies I mention in Sin City Diaries – Volume #1 especially enjoyed it – and she’d poke her fingers in RIGHT where the pain was – which was a good thing overall as she’d “knead it out” – but boy did it hurt at the time!

She’d even imitate my “sailor’s language” at the time … or try to!

Anyway, these foot massages would all start with simple foot washes – the theory being the masseuse was supposed to actually wash your feet – – but in reality, all you did was put your feet in a basin of hot water while she sort of swirled the water around before getting down to the massage.

Sure, it was still demeaning in a way for the masseuse – if just symbolically.

And this symbolism is what I’m going to talk about today.

I don’t know if I mention this as a specific tip in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – but the bottom line is this – as with the tip I gave you in one of the last two emails I sent – THIS one is worth it’s weight in gold as well.

Wash her feet – as often as you can – and as regularly!

Make it a practice to wash her feet after she returns from work – or shopping, for that matter. Make it a practice to do this daily – for at least a month or so – and even if you do nothing else, you’ll be nigh amazed at how blindingly dominant your lady will start to become – or seem to become – but the net effect will be the same!

Most ladies love to wear high  heels, flip flops, and other sorts of foot wear that show the feet off – – and the soles are usually dirty even after a short walk outdoors.

And ALL ladies I’ve known love foot washes – especially when done right.

Don’t just “swirl” the water around. Treat each foot as the gem it is – – ah, yes, I DO believe I mentioned this part in the first newsletter I sent out (Submissive Musings) – – and carefully wash it with soap and water with the reverence it deserves before moving on to the other one.

Again, do this at least once a day – preferably first thing after she returns from work – or a workout – or something similar.

And it’s easy enough to get the materials to do it. A large tub, some towels and soap and water (and lotion) is really all you need – – along with an uber submissive mindset (you’ll need to seat her comfortably) and willing, helpful fingers that will literally make her feel that you’re “washing her feet by hand!”

And the sky is the limit from there. Perhaps you can “wash your mouth” out after doing this, hehe – with that same water. I’m sure Madam Lin (her of the scene I mentioned above!) would have made me do this if I got to know her well enough!

Perhaps she’ll simply kick the water away when she’s had enough – and you’ll be mopping it up – as Madam Krystal often did!

And so forth.

Key thing is this – maintain the submissive vibe throughout, and just do it daily. You’ll be amazed at the results it produces!

Well, my friend, that is IT for now. I saw a lady last night who I can’t get out of my mind. Long slender legs, and feet that looked like JEWELS …I’ll write more about her later though!


Mike Watson

P.S. – If you’re looking for more tips such as this – either to spice up your “play” – or to move more and more towards a 24/7 Domina-sub relationship – well – this manual right here is a must read before you do that – – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/books/for-true-male-subs/

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