“Alpha” cuck vs “beta” cuck

Despite the vast wealth of experience I’ve accumulated when it comes to femdom (especially in China – thank you, ladies – as I say in all my books, it wouldn’t be possible without YOU!), there is one aspect of domination I find particularly intriguing.

It’s got to do with cuckolding – – something that is an incredible turn on for me, and many others into it.

Apparently there are two types of cuckolds – “alpha” cuckolds – – and “beta” cuckolds.

Now don’t get me wrong – theoretically speaking I was always aware of the definitions and the difference between the two – but practically speaking, I’ve always equated cuckold with “BETA” cuckolds.

And with good reason, in my book – and I’ll explain why below!

“Alpha” cuckolds are apparently those that “choose” the partners their S.O.’s can or cannot have sex (or sexual encounters) with – – and “beta” cuckolds are those that have no say in the matter.

And while the definition of cuckold remains the same in both cases, doesn’t being “alpha” take the entire fun away from the game – – at least for the LADIES?

“Alpha” cuckold to me sounds more like a guy trying to get his rocks off – – and telling (or otherwise “suggesting”) who his S.O. can have sexual escapades with – – and who she CANNOT – – which to me defeats the entire purpose.

To me, it also smacks of men “pressuring” unwilling partners into cuckolding them – – something that I’ve written about in Cuck Central – – and something that spells disaster with a capital D not only for many relationships that venture into said territory, but also does great damage to the psyche of those involved in it.

Guys – – the whole point is this – – SHE needs to be more comfortable with it – – actually, comfortable with it at a deep, deep level – – much  more so than you are (or the level you “think” you are!).

Most guys say they’re comfortable with it, but when it comes to actually DOING – and experiencing – we see a variety of emotions exploding to the surface – unaddressed emotions that suggest the exact opposite of what the guy is saying externally.

A renowned lady in the BDSM field recently made an oft made comment about “men do indeed think with their balls. Hand their balls over to their Mistress, and you have full control over them!”

And she’s right!

You have to be comfortable with being cuckolded at a DEEPER level (for you men out there) – – and again, it’s the lady that is actually “doing” the deed in terms of actual sex (yes, guys, your oral fantasies don’t count that much! ;)) – and therefore, so does she!

And coming back to alpha vs beta.

Isn’t the entire point to allow HER freedom – while you have none?

Isn’t the entire point to allow HER a sex life more fulfilling than she ever dreamt possible – – a sex life unencumbered by the male’s “inability to last more than a few minutes – or even seconds”?

To me, if it’s BDSM and femdom, thats the entire point of it all!

Last, but not least, I have NO idea how a man that “allows” his S.O. to have sex with others could be considered alpha anyway – unless he “wants it”, but even then, the very act of her “doing it” with others, to me, makes him a bit of a beta … but hey, I know. I’m getting into dangerous territory there, so I’ll stop!

Anyway, cuckolding as I said is one of my pet favorite themes, and one that makes regular recurrences in my books and writings, and with good reason.

And unfortunately, it’s also one of the most misunderstood themes out there – and I wouldn’t be lying to tell you that a lot of couples – – or the vast majority of couples – – that participate in it have no idea what they’re really getting themselves into and setting themselves up for – – which spells disaster down the road.

My latest manual, Cuck Central addresses all these concerns and more, my friend.

If you’re looking to truly enjoy cuckolding as it was meant to be enjoyed – – and truly ACCEPT both being a cuckoldress – and the cuckolded, for that matter, then you’re ready for the actual experience, but not before!

And thats really as simple as it gets.

In addition to this, this nifty little manual gives you 16 tips on how to actually DO the thing i.e. morph into the perfect cuckold as opposed to just “telling you to do it”.

All these tips are borne out of hard, gritty experience in the trenches as it were – – and if you’re in any way, shape or form interested in cuckolding – or being a TRUE CUCK – then this manual is for you!

Grab it right now, and let me know how you do with it!


Mike Watson

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