“Its a girl, not a SOLE!”


Oh, MA’AM!!!!!!!!!!

Madam Paye LAGU – Malik – JI!

And I’d probably explain the meaning of the above to her too, a lovely Japanese (I believe) girl who was showing her soles on Twitter. She looks like she lives in a basement under the streets of Beijing in China (yes, for those that can’t affor dany sort of housing, that is where you go in China, originally built as bomb shelters, now converted over to housing for the poor) – a girl who showed her lovely SOLES sitting there, just one, what a SOLE it was, more so, the “gooning” expression she made with WIDE OPEN EYES – whether she meant it or not – oh – MY!

Madam, you’re so nice!

And I am sitting here writing this to you after a workout which I couldn’t finish properly, neither my 220 squats nor the stretching after it – I did finish well, of course, but SHE was in my mind, she is all that counts!

Oh my!

And I had to force myself to complete my workout first before writing to you about it, or I never woul dhave!

So, sitting here, sweating, heavy breathing, without my glasses – SHE is in my mind!

I posted several groveling odes to her last night, of course.

One of them came back with
“dont understand”!

I asked her to translate. Hehe.

Of course, oddly enough or maybe not that was in response to a comment I made about MONEY. Hehe.

She and her friends were making the thumb and forefinger sign which I have written about so often in my books, it means “love” in China – so they say, the real meaning is what they REALLY Mean i.e. what WE know worldwide – it means MONEY!

And to Chinese girls money = love.

So it should be, Ma’am!

you girls need money, and so much of it!

I’ve written about that before here too. And, in my books too in great detail.

So it was interesting she replied to THAT comment, not the others.

MONEY! ?  Hehe, as Madam Venus said…

But anyway, this morning I saw the following response from her.

“It’s a girl, not a sole, BOY!”

Well, I put in the “boy” hehe.

She said it was a barefoot girl, not a sole.

What she means is what my SO said all those years ago (before she started looking for a real man, hehe).

(she still is).

“Look at the girl, not just the foot!”

Madam, how can I explain it!

Your soles are SO NICE!

And the rest of you, I wouldn’t care if you were old, ugly and a hag, to me, none of that matters!

That sole, that dominating expression, the way you laugh and humiliate men – THAT is what matters!

And of course, Madam knows it very well.

She wont admit it.

She’s such a QUEEN!

And I’m off to post more grovelly odes to her and her friends.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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