Long penis – or thick penis? Or both hehe.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, as I simp SO over some sexy LONG penises I’ve been seeing as of late, OH MY!!!!

MY, those long penises, those lovely dongs with long shafts and cut HEADS – so NICE!

Especially, when, the slimmer the dude is – the sexier and longer his DONG IS!

“Pang ren qui dian” as the Chinese say (fat man have small penis).

Or an ex who I was with for 2.5 years, the SAME ex who commented about “honey, why is it that slim guys have the largest dicks!” – a girl who also consoled me by saying “honey, dont worry, many couples dont have sex!” – but she herself was SO Experienced, and the minute I left for china, hehe, she was in bed with someone! 😉 …

Some guy she met, hooked up with, and had sex. Hehe.

But anyway ,penis!

If you were ask the Madam above, or any girl – she’d say – anyone with any sense, at least – THICK.

Too long – plumbing issues, as my ex would say, and she should know, she’s had a lot!

But too thick – YUM!

Nothing feels better than a thick dong pounding away at her!

But for sissies, and sissygasms, you know YET ANOTHER THING SO NICE? !

Best of both worlds x 10!

The longer the dong, even if it’s not too thick, the PEE HOLE of the penetreating DONG hits my – and sissy P SPOT SO WELL!


The thicker it is, of course, it stretches my canal out so nicely , and it just feels so good!

(note, I dont know if I put this in Sissygasm Central, but you should work up to two fingers, then THREE! Remember, the goal is to take dongs up there to feel utter bliss like yo unever felt before, fingers do it, but dongs – nothing like a nice lovely penis and a dominating horny STUD feeling you up there, or Madam with her dildo banging you!)

Add in nipples, and you’re on planet Venus, “guys”. Hehe. If you can’t figure out the puns there you should NOT be on this site, period

Pun again.

so many today!

To me, I’d choose long dongs if just for the visual impact and just because they’re so beautifuls, so pretty, MUAH! ??

But for feeling, either, and I love both types!

Well, my friend, thats my thought on that – thought I’d share it!

Cock lovers reading this – well, you’ll get what sissies and faggot ALL love – cock comparison, cock talk, and detailed differences of different types of dongs – with pics – in the PREMIER manual on it.

Penis Central, if you ain’t picked it up YET, do so NOW.

And of course, Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots too!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Ain’t this sissy pretty?

PS # 2  – I goon SO, like I described in THIS post like Madam said… when I see those long dongs, with BIG EYES, SALIVATING MOUTH – OH MY!!!!!!

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