Chinese lady with foot planted SO casually out of the car window!

I just love the way Chinese ladies do it – they do it better than any other (or Asian ladies in general) when it comes to feet, putting them up!

And in public, UNapologetically, so naturally!

And they literally defend that right to do so – with tooth and nail – and SPIT. So it should be, hehe. And slaps!

I’ve written tomes about this, of course.

Could be the Chinese lady with her feet up at Starbucks that caused an international furore – my, I so wish I was there so Madam could put the other foot up too! I’d beg her too, I’d even massage her feet as she sat there!

Or, the Chinese ladies I wrote about in the “Empress Cody” series – again, true stories all! (that series i.e. Empress Cody is a highly underrated book series – I HIGHLY recommend you get it NOW!).

Anyway, this morning I was reading about … well, some sort of new fangled (old fashioned, hehe) footrest that can be used on planes, $16 it was, and they were wondering in the article why it has not been put out before.

Some sort of thing you can hook to the back of the seat in front of you, put your feet up on flights, elevated, simple enough concept, relaxing, pressure off lower back and such (although there’s better ways to achieve that aim!) …

… when I saw it?

It wouldn’t sell with Chinese Madam’s for one. Hehe. Neither would I want it to!

Miss Summer, for one, that lovely older Chinese QUEEN that told me SO adroitly to call her “Miss” Summer … with a raised eyebrown in the MIDDLE of class – she would agree!

Madam, I so wish I had washed your feet at least once!

Those pink slippers, STILL stick in mind!

But anyhow, Chinese ladies are famous for just putting their feet up – like anywhere – public or not.

I’ve mentioned the case of the lady at the 7-11 (Mei Yi Jia, Chinese equivalent) with feet lazily up on counter one fine rainy morning … right in full view of customers, right there where you put your stuff to check out, it was only after I was gaping, salivating, that she put those fine legs down, T shirt so long it looked she had nothing on underneath.

Then, on the cover of the book on ruined orgasms – one fine evening back from a walk I saw FEET sticking out of a car.

Female feet, long legs, lovely feet, and she saw me looking, Madam didnt care, she just lay there on her dumbphone, so CASUALLY and naturally IGNORING me!

So – NICE!

I had to put those feet on the cover, but I didnt put the soles, Madam giggled too much. Hehe. Maybe I will someday!

Anyway, that contraption up there would never sell in china.

I’ll bet you my bottom dollar those fine ladies would spend $16 or more on my products, but not that.

And neither would I want them to.

I’d rather they use ME as a footrest!

I’d rather they put their feet up on the armrest in front of them, I’d be happy to oblige!

And so forth.  (I’ve actually seen men do that in certain countries if you can believe it. Hehe. The things people do in certain cultures) …

Anyway ……

Some memories.

And my books and products, plenty more in them.

Get some NOW.


Mike Watson

PS – Chinese women are so delightfully dominant, but you have to attract that dominance in the RIGHT manner.

“Ma’am I want to kiss your feet” is NOT the way to do it!

Learn how to do it right HEREthis book will truly teach you what I know – do what it tells you, and thats all you need to do – literally – auto pilot. It even has real life examples, truly a book like NONE OTHER! (and yes, Madam Carol, she’d put her feet up on the car windshield all the time too. Hehe. So would a certain ex backkkkkkkk in the day…)

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