From sexy boy … to PRINCESS!

Or vice versa, if you’d so choose. Madam? Hehe.

I’ll call them both Madam!

But while Madam is a word I use so often with women, almost all the time, usually always with hilarious results but NICE ones (especially in China, where it translates occasionally to “wife!” hehe ) …

(wife – me, or her? Thats an interesting one, sissy! ;)).

… I use the term PRincess for girls all the time!

Because women are all such Queens and Princesses. Hehe.

And usually, for me, it comes down to “sexy boy” – so they call me.

Or, as madam Pearl would say.

“Handsome boy, do you play red packet!” 

(i.e. send me some money, sexy boy!)

(Red packets are the Chinese equivalent of sending money online – on wechat).

But really, for me?

I could be a Princess too!

Remember Madam Carol?

“Your foot just like girls!” 


And it is, if you look at female feet you’d consider sexy, and soles – mine are just like a womans, not long, narrow and angular like men, but “broad” as I keep writing about!

My legs are long and lean, I’m in shape.

Very little “chest” like guys like to show off – I’m all about leg and back strength!


And a sexy, corrugated core.

I mention all this, of course, to bring to attention my fitness routines – but not just that, also my shape.

After all, this sexy boy wants to be a Princess. Hehe.

“Madam, can I shave my legs for you!”

“Madam, can we go to a gay bar together?” (or, she asked me that, I should say! Hehe). 

“Ni Xi Huan Nan Ren Ma?” (do you like men – that came out of the blue! Hehe . Pun intended, blue balls…) 

And of course…

“Madam, since I love to do the girly chores, can I be your girlfriend, never your boyfriend, no sex, just your best female bestie!”

Lucy often giggles at this.

“Since we such good sister”, she’ll say, while blowing me another kiss from those sexy red lips (that suck cock all the time, just not mine, and I kiss her after that!).

But really…

The jump – or leap – from being a sexy boy to a Princess, a lovely one – isn’t as much or quantum as you’d think!

Hormones if you want it permanently, but if you want to be just what I am, and many people do – an alpha male cum “sissy boy” – the best of both worlds – well, you gotta embrace the MENTAL.

And the best book out there to turn you into the PRincess of your dreams, while also keeping the “sexy boy” part alive?

Is Sissy Central.

These tips truly work, they HIT HOME – and they are like no other anyone has ever put out there.

If I were you, I’d get on these NOW, sissy.

Have – at!


Mike Watson

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