Squirt tiny, SQUIRT!

And of course, die bitch, DIE!


I dont know if I should call him roundie or tiny, lol. He’s so FAT – huge belly, and playing with his nipple, which exposes the man boobs even more … EWWWWWWWWWWWWW was what I thought when I saw the picture of him in his bathroom, especially with his pecker, if it can be called even that – hard (apparently) and out. (it’s so tiny I dont know if it’s hard, but the nipple play seems to have aroused him).

(which of course, nipple play is EXTREMELY arousing, so I feel him (not really, hehe – I would never want to feel a tiny like that) there!)

His ass?

I dont know how well lubed it is, and how many times, probably has a tight hole, but chances are excellent, though second to some, that it’s a LOOSE hole.

He’s one of those guys you feel sorry for – and you admire him too.

Not because of his achievements despite his predicament he cannot control, hehe.

It’s because with his “medically diagnosed micropenis” as he puts it … he’s accepting his role in lif e- to serve, and be humiliated!

Truly, that cock – looking at it, I called him Tiny instantly. Hehe.

Since it’s too weak to cum even if hard, SQUIRTING – and loads at that is likely all it can do!

Reminds me of a character Tiny in one of my favorite books “Believe that, you’ll believe anything” (James Hadley Chase) where the main villain, a massive, hulking, strong yet pgymy-short person was called Tiny.

but he made it up for it with pure MENACE and STRENGTH – like a gorilla basically (like my fitness friend from India, Sophia who cuckolds me so LOVES this guy, cannot get enough of him), right down to the hair on his body.

THIS dude is just plain fat, that pecker, eww, protruding hard from behind the tiny sheath it’s cloaked in,  wish it stay cloaked forever. Hehe.

Seriously though I feel sorry for guys like that – what if he didnt get off on being humiliated?

On the other hand I admire him greatly, he’s turning a negative into a resounding positive!

And, he’s accepting his fate, his lot in life, what he was MEANT to be.

No shame in being a pin dick and sissy, and there’s no shame in having a long cock either that can’t stay hard for any sort of real sex. I should know. Hehe.

And thats it for now!

I’ve asked him if he wants to be OUTED.

Let’s see what he says!

But one thing is for certain, boy – if you do – you’ll be humiliated like never before, you’ll cum in your pant ALL DAY long just looking at what yours truly say, and you’ll truly be humiliated in front of the WHOLE world for all to see, and more. Hehe.

We’re the best there as well – trust me on this one!

(and if you dont believe me, ask Glyn Bozo Schofield in Brum, hehe).

BAck soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Apply to be outed in a great and grand manner HERE!

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