Where are your girls, boy!

Tee, hee.

And I hear the whimper as I ask you that, cuck!

You’ve dated her for ages, but she hasn’t given you any, and probably never will.

Yo ulook at all the gorgeous pictures on dating apps, and they dont either – because a) you aint got NO MONEY – and b) you ain’t a real man in terms of what they want.

And c), you don’t GOT the vibe.

Except a submissive vibe, of course.

And if you had money, they’d use you, abuse you, give you plenty of domination!

yes, you CAN attract money to you – but this ain’t about you.

(Curiously enough though, the techniques used to attract MUNNEEE are the SAME as those you use to attract women – or dominant women – or, as Madam Daniela said, ANY WOMAN).

And anyway, where are those girls you called to your house?

They stopped over, cuck.

At my place. Hehe.

They’ll be there maybe half an hour later.

Dont worry. We can cut that massage short!

I know it was a two hour massage, but we’ll cut it short. After all they wanted to suck my dick, and I just had to let them.

Never you though, hehe.

On that note, be on the outlook for an email on Madam Bao Bao, and Madam Aa Ling, and why two of the most downtrodden women in Southern China can TROD ON YOU – so expertly.

Be on the outlook for that.

For now, we all know you dont mind sloppy seconds, and would PAY for it.

So, start attracting NOW. Here.


Mike Watson

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