Why bathing Master in the shower is more sissy heaven and PARADISE – bar none!

It all is!!

OF course.

But in Sissy Central, I wrote about how “getting her ready for her dates” – painting her toes – and in general, doing all you can to prepare her for her real man dates is one of the integral rules of sissydoms. The most obvious, yet sometimes the most ignored (no just painting her toes doesnt cut it, BOY!) …

Anyway, thats obvious. Or should be, at least.

On a different note, I also wrote about in Sin City Diaries and Owned by Madam Aa Ling – how the ladies of the night in China I went to back in the day used to bathe me in the saunas, finger me, give me blowjobs, handjobs, sex (which I never wanted, of course, hehe, so never GOT) – looked at my sissy ejaculate in utter disgust on their pristine Chinese palms – called me a “gay that liked men’s cocks!” (My SO does this too, except she calls me a faggot!) …a nd more!

Truly I went there to be treated royally.

Truly, the ladies wanted to!

And truly, my sissy self took over, and Id lick their soles and asses – with multiple cocks having been int he latter!

And they’d laugh at me.


With that knowing, yet happy look knowing they wouldn’t have to surrender to yet another cock, stud cock or not they didnt want.

Knowing this man paid for sex, got nothing, yet was happy … as it should be!

And knowing I liked their feet soles, and , I dont know, respected them x 10 times anyway despite the exact opposite from “society”.

So called society and it’s labels. HA!

Like the idiotic “gay” label I debunk so often, and never will stop debunking.

Sissy Central, Cuck Central, and all of ’em, and my books!

Sissies, if you love cock – and can’t satisfy Madam (like Ashley told me when I came all over her hand “THIS is make love, boy!!!?” and when I couldn’t stay hard for a minute when she mounted me in the middle of the night yet got ROCK hard with ONE nipple flick and almost came…) … then accept your role as a “faggot“!

And cock sucker for him and her.

It’s not “gay” whatever that is. To me, that’s “loving another man emotionally not just his dick!”

And on that note …

Often times, with Jerome, I’d get in the shower with him – not just to suck him off.

But to clean him up!

I’d get the most lovely smelling body wash, and I’d scrub his muscular back all over, kissing the muscles, the outline taut under rippling black skin!

I’d wash behind his ears as my girlfreind once told me to do!

Id give him a head rub if he was in the bath, and shampoo him.

I’d wash his chest, andI’d pay special attention to his nipples, and then of course, his stomach.

His dick, balls and under his balls – repetitively!

I’d literally pick up the dong as he relaxed in the hot shower, and keep soaping it, and his asshole too – I wouldn’t just insert my finger once as th eladies of the night did for me, but I’d make sure it was perfectly clean back there – NOT because of my tongue “had to go in there!”

I used to lick his sweaty asshole, sometimes his balls too, right after and during a dump!

Or a cum!

But my nasty tongue was in Master’s ass pristine ROSEBUD, like a GOD’s rosebud, so it had to be cleaned!

And I did it!

I’d soap the never ending bubble butt, and of course, his feet, which he’d slam on my thigh so I could wash between his toes. And under!

I’d soap him again. 

I’d wipe him down, kiss his ass – and then the tip of his penis and thank him for the privelege!

If I hadn’t already given him a BJ in the shower!

And all of this, of course, I’d do for Madam too – but somehow it was way more humilating doing it for him .. or was it?


It was HER I was doing it for her!

I was servicing another man in the most debase manner for her!

And THAT is what did it – and was the most humiliating!

Paye Lagu, Madam Su. You’re so nice for doing this to me!

(and of course, I’d kiss Jerome’s feet and say thank you too, and press his feet all night after sex!).


Mike Watson

PS – The Sophia Bai Series is a MUST read for you femdom / cuck lovers!

PS #2 – I’ll write about the other more regal Sophia “YOu can never have sex with me, boy! ” in a book someday. Also Madam Joyce. Also Joanie #2. So much to do, so little time!

PPS – And another cuckoldress and ballbustrix par excellence? Garima Madam ji!

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