The bedroom is off limits, boy!

I was going to eat dinner with my S.O. this evening, and asked if we could eat in the bedroom.

For reasons outside the scope of this email, hehe, and the answer came back, tart and PAT as ever.

“Never, boy!”

And while my S.O. didn’t say it in the sense that I’m mentioning, she DID say and HAS said multiple times in the past that eating in the bedroom is NOT allowed.

No way, Jose.

And for reasons other than fetish etc. for one, apparently, the clean up etc involved is too much and too taxing (even if yours truly is the one doing it, hehe).

But it brought to mind very pleasant memories indeed!

The bedroom is OFF LIMITS for YOU, boy!

Madam Su would often tell me this as she “waved bye” at me, kneeling on the floor, having done my cuck duties, removed her man’s shoes and socks, jeans, fluffed him well, and I’d see her, and a naked (usually large black) ass departing to the bedroom – – which was always, always off limits to me in terms of sex, of course!

Except when I was being milked. ?

Princess Sophia often did that in the bedroom, if just to remind me of my place.

Except when cuck cleanups were required, and of course, except when Madam Sugar tied my ears  to the bedpost, and I knelt in front of her all night, staring at her soles, and pressing them for all I was worth, hehe.

And of course, the most awful neck pain ever. OUCH! Madam Sugar truly WAS ONE OF A KIND!

As were all the other ladies of course, but the one thing they always told me, and told me to keep in mind was . . .

The bedroom is off limits for you, boy, and certainly the bed (with me) – – except when you’re serving me – or him – or US!

(and of course, never for HIM! ?).

And for a true cuck or male submissive, these words are manna from heaven – – or should be!

What do you think?

Write back – – and let me know!


Mike Watson

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