Perfect Goddess Valerie, and how her mere VOICE made my balls TINGLE!

Or, tickle as she said … πŸ˜‰

As I sit here COPIOUSLY Leaking in my sissy panties after writing my latest course … and the BEST ever on it, even if I say so myself, ah, but wait.

Paye Lagu, Perfect Goddess Valerie – how could I forget that!

She was neither young, nor in shape, but like I said, nary does it matter and it shouldn’t – it should NEVER!

It’s always, and always, all about her MIND, boy!

And as I spoke to her that night (I met her online) on MSN messenger (those were the days, hehe) – her voice was sexy as heck.

And it was!

A deep (in a female sense) contralto voice, it vibrated down to my loins pretty much, and though I wasn’t into sissygasms then, I was into femdom for sure, and it made me shiver with lust!

“Madam, your voice is so sexy!” I said.

She giggled in a confident sort of way.

“Does it tickle your balls?”

And at that point, she said the RIGHT THING.

Yes, it was doing just that!

And I had never EVER heard the expression being used before, and Madam used it, in that VOICE!

Oh boy – Paye LAGU, Goddess Val!

You truly were the best!

“OK, go get your beer”, I still remember her “ordering” me indirectly (I was drinking a beer at the time, and I requested permission from her to go get it).

Now, where is all of this leading up to you ask.

Good question!

Because I’ve been leaking with anticipation to tell you – that the much AWAITED and BEST COURSES OUT THERE ON IT- – BAR NONE – on SISSYGASMS is finally out!

YES – the next step, and then some to our already immensely popular book on RUINED ORGASMS.

And truth be told, what I’ll teach you in this course makes the first book look less than elementary (although it isn’t – you could do what I tell you in that book for the rest of your life and never look back femdom wise!).

Only for serious sissies – and femdom lovers – and OPEN MINDED folks (yes, even dominant males can enjoy this sort of thing!)!

Go right HERE to check it out – and place your order NOW, because I will be increasing the price on this VERY SOON!

Truly a treasure trove of NEVER EVER SEEN BEFORE INFO, and you’d be a fool to miss out!

Don’t do so.

Go right here – NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – Sissy-Gasm CENTRAL! What an apt name, eh. Hehe.

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